A Very Foolish Notion

The nonesensical pushing on the part of that segment of America with a bent to more feminize and to more homosexual-ize the military will do enfeebling to its strength; period. This is, merely, a common-sense calculation. Bizarre concepts, born of the hippie generation, are causing needless, fundamental, undoing of America and the military is increasingly being victimized by this, undoing. Throughout history wars, specifically fontline combat, has been exclusively executed by, “men”. “Thinkers”, of the “Gloria Steinem” kind, have done dizzy topsy-turvy to judicious judgment.

What manner of “man” looks at his wife, daughter, or mother–or even, grandmother–and then can, “proudly”, see her march off into combat? How is it that no Roman Caesar, or Napoleon, or Grant, or Lee, or Alexander III never conceived these bright ideas: that “women and homosexuals”, in frontline combat against a strong and fromidable enemy, fighting shoulder to shoulder with heterosexual men, would be enhancing to their military’s effectiveness? 

Another, thought provoker: Would all our wars fought successfully in history, have had the same outcomes, had our military combatants been entirely comprised of “women”, as they had been, with men? Unless it is honestly so, that a predominantly female and homosexual military–or entirely so comprised–can be equally as effective, then continuing in this direction is an, extremely, stupid notion.  Who, in their right mind, can believe that America would be militarily stronger, or even as strong, if our military became predominantly comprised of female and homosexual combants?

If this idiotic and headstrong, dangerous, experimental pursuit of a more feminized, more homosexual-ized, military force continues, in myriad ways, it will do dramatic harm to our military’s effectiveness. Among those ramifications will definitely be that the percentage of heterosexual military men will, detrimentally, decline. Political correctness has America, whistling a cheerful tune while, racing head-first toward a, “Thelma and Louise”, dive into self-destruction.