The Shameless Left-Bent

The accusatory ranting of shameless left-bent media, following the Tucson killings done by a flat-out madman, has crossed the line of, just bias commentary. They now charge, head-on with foul mouths blasting, into left-bent, fanatic-like, hyperbole. Commentators Chris Matthews and Ed Shultz are behaving like middle age brats. First they stipulate Sarah Palin and Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann are blameless in the actual shooting then, they tear immediately and mercilessly into them with blame-laden denouncements, stopping only just short of accusing them of having issued Loughner the command to shoot and kill 9-year-old Christina Green. The left-bent has used such, sick tricks, for deades. To deflect guilt that awash them, justly, they unjustly, falsely, and outrageously accuse the “malleable” right, thereby near forcing them to prove their innocence.