Taking back our seat in TN 5th District

Self-proclaimed BLUE DOG Jim Cooper did not listen to his constituents.  He voted “YES” on this health care bill.  Well, I say we vote out all the so called “Blue Dog’s” who do not represent WE THE PEOPLE!  I am going to do everything in my power to have Congressman Cooper voted out!  I am tired of RINOs and Blue Dogs.

Cooper’s Issues (click issues)  I really like how you can not open “BUDGET”, but you can “Music and Entertainment”.  Don’t get me wrong, this is Middle TN, and the music industry is important to our way of life, but so is the budget, our children and families, and national security.  Why doesn’t he have anything written on these topics?  Are they not important to him, or does he not want people to know how he really feels on these KEY ISSUES???  That is not for me to say.  I just find it interesting.