Freedom of Speech is a Two-Way Street

Today on the 10th anniversary of attacks on American soil that killed, murdered 3000 people in the name of Allah, Paul Krugman chooses to state  in his op-ed piece some of the same  leftist drivel making it’s rounds.  It has been said by progressives, liberals and those who hate America that we deserved 9/11; it has been whispered in coffee houses or media “journalists” who have long since lost any integrity muse aloud how America could have brought this on themselves all the while maintaining their answers to that question it is “news.”   You Tube is full of snippets of videos from truthers claiming that America attacked themselves or some other conspiratorial rubbish.   Krugman goes further down the rabbit hole in demeaning George Bush, Bernie Kerik, and Rudy Giuliani.   He terms them “fake heroes.”   Who would he then hold up as an exemplary participant in the horror that was 9/11?  If not our leaders, if not those who led the way out and had strong, clear voices, if not those who led in the fight against terrorism, then who????     Krugman doesn’t offer any answers, so I have to assume he either has none, or the ones he has are not polite to whisper in public?   Maybe he favors the terrorists or the 5th column liberals that marched with signs saying they support their troops when they are ordered to shoot their superiors?   Maybe he favors the college professors who teach your kids 9/11 was an inside job or brought on by the atrocities committed abroad?    Who really knows because he doesn’t offer any answers, only ad-hominem attacks and hubris.  That is not journalism, that is petty envy, sour grapes,  a Napoleonic syndrome of an angry, bitter little troll.   And pieces like his that try to paint 9/11 as an occasion for shame, embolden our enemies and give them strength.  I submit that the attacks on our troops today would not happen without the help of hit pieces like Krugman’s, short on fact, long on sympathy for anyone who opposes George Bush.   3 years out of office and the derangement syndrome still persists.  It is the same affliction the left can’t seem to get over.   It is a mental disorder for which they afflicted refuses any cure.

9/11 is a solemn occasion to pay tribute to those who died, innocent people whose only crime is that they were not followers of a religion that celebrates death more than life.   It is an occasion to pay tribute to those who did not give up without a fight and to remember those who led us out of those dark days; some who are still paying the price.   It is an occasion to renew our support for and fight for those who are still suffering from the effects of 9/11, either mentally or physically and those who are dying from answering the call for help.  It is a time to donate blood, give to your local fire departments, police, EMT’s and other first responders, things we can physically do, each of us, but it is not a day to pick a fight. 

Thank God we live in America where Mr. Krugman can state his opinion, and freedom of speech allows others to call him on it.  His final comment [I’m not going to allow comments on this post, for obvious reasons.”] tells me Krugman only believes in freedom of his speech.  What is scary, is that is the same thing our enemies believe.