Count Me Among the Rankeld

“According to a Congressional Budget Office estimate, the hard-fought budget deal funding the government for the rest of the year saves only $352 million from non-war accounts this year. The new figure has rankled conservative lawmakers who thought they had extracted a fair amount of concessions out of the other side of the aisle.”

Wow.   Just, wow.   I got pwned, too.  I admit it.  Feeling betrayed has left me with even more resolve to demand that lawmakers in this ‘2010 turnover’ do exactly what they were sent to do, and not one thing less.  Not one  thing.   I feel much like a woman who learns her spouse has a nightly date at the T-N-A club….doesn’t matter if you touch or not, the fact is you betrayed me in thought and that is as bad as any other act.    There are no second chances.

The Presidents campaign speech he called a budget deal showed his resolution to solving any crisis is class warfare, besmirching those who have the audacity to make money, using children, seniors and low income families as human shield.  His only solution is soaking the rich and excoriating Paul Ryan.   The petty, petulant man of no character tipped his hand and showed that not only is he an empty suit, but he is a contemptuous, vindictive little badger.  Therefore, I say, the time for talking or cooperation is over.

There is no more room for banter or barter.   There is no more time for being on the defense or taking anything lightly.  Our resolve, even if we must set it against our own, should be that there is not one dime spent for any program that adds to our deficit.  We should apply the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace program to the government and get our financial house in order.   It should not take 25 years, it shouldn’t take 10 years.   We should be cutting and gutting until the only thing left is infrastructure and defense spending.  The tax code should be completely revamped and simplified and Social Security should be phased out.  Medicare should be replaced and administered at the state or local level and should NOT be handled by the federal government.  Medicaid should be cut out completely and any charity to the poor should be done by the community in which they live, at that level.  

I do not feel badly for anyone who will have their livelihood altered because they will not receive unemployment, not do I feel badly for anyone who will not receive WIC, welfare, or any other program for the poor.  If they want to blame someone, blame those who defraud the system and jack up the cost to the working people who contribute to it.   If any of them want to assess blame, look no further than the Democratic party that seeks to keep their constituents, their base indebted and dependent on their handouts to live, to die, to give birth, to kill their unborn, to draw money from the productive class for food and shelter.  The fate of our republic far outweighs the needs of a group of people.   

There is no more room for kicking around the immigration problem.  When reports come out that state “households headed by immigrants have a substantially higher rate of welfare use than native-headed households, according a report released by the Center for Immigration Studies well that tends to chap my hide.   I am a compassionate person, but it extends only to those who deserve it and people breaking the law simply do not deserve it.   May 1st every one of these immigrants will be out protesting God knows what and carrying signs to demand “rights.”   Rights?   What rights are conferred to you for breaking the law?   The Democratic party cares solely about adding these people to the roles of their base and breaking the backs of the taxpayer.

It is time to deal with immigration.   Bill O’Reilly and other pundits cry “There simply is no way you can deport 30 million immigrants…..are you kidding me?  They’re out every May 1st, altogether, protesting, gather them up and send them home.   If we can put a man on the moon we can rid ourselves of parasites to our economy that is adding to every individuals tax burden.  We must enforce the laws on the books now, or the republic, for which we stand, will be lost.  

In addition, today the House and Senate are expected to vote on separate bills to defund the federal health care law and to cut money for Planned Parenthood.  Both are no brainers.   Defund, defeat, repeat.

I am sick and tired of those who are supposed to be stewards of MY MONEY using it for things I would never allow if I controlled it myself.  I would never enable the lady who stands in the check out line buying 14 boxes of Twinkies and 3 gallons of soda with a LoneStar Card for her 6 children who were birthed in the county hospital, on my dime.  Kids who all have teeth cared for or replaced by the state while mom drives an Escalade and carries a Juicy Couture handbag paid for with money provided by the taxpayers.   I would never give money to someone who has no sense of responsibility but believes they are owed a living off the backs of the working class for whatever reason.  I would never hand money to someone for an abortion and I sure as heck would never force my neighbor to pay for my healthcare.  The federal government has proven time and time again they are not good stewards of my money, or yours either, and it is high time the social, fiscal conservatives struck a pose and did not waiver. 

I am rankled, and I am sure I am not alone.