Boehner's Billions

I have to say I am disappointed as much as the Tea Partiers that we did not achieve the full amount of cuts requested by the GOP, but I am still man, or woman enough, to put this one the “win “ column for the following reasons:


  • John Boehner originally asked for  $32 billion in cuts to which
  • Harry Reid called the original amount “draconian, scandalous” and other things behind closed doors, I am sure
  • The funding received may have had to drop PP to be picked up in a separate vote, but we are only talking about 6 more months in the fiscal year.  So, in essence, Boehner may have only gotten half of what we demanded, but it was for only ½ the fiscal year anyway, so it all works out in the wash. 
  • Planned Parenthood votes will be better served on an individual vote so we know who supports government subsidized murder;  the tax payer wasn’t there during conception and should not be fiscally responsible for the bad behavior of others
  • I think this, in addition to the Ryan Roadmap will be a home run for the GOP.  I myself would cut more, like a mad woman on a coupon spree, but I suppose, for now, I can live with the Ryan Proposal because it will “simplify the tax codes and get all those special breaks and privileges and special treatment out of it, and lower the rates for everybody” to quote Rove.  It is a better roadmap than we have had in 100 years.

Now, I understand the Democrats will come out with more fear mongering  and outright lies. Obama will even propose his own budget that will have some cuts, but will propose changes to parts of the tax code he thinks benefit the wealthy, again with the class warfare bit, but I do not think any Tea Partier, Independent, Republican or those who are looking down the road at what they will inherit, no matter their politics, will be swayed much.   Seniors are smarter than Obama gives them credit and know they will be used as pawns, but even they will not be swayed.   The only people that will be challenged as to where they stand will be those who make a living off the government, those who have no job outside of taking from the government, those who have worked their whole lives to set up the government to take care of their every needs [i.e. baby boomers], those who are college graduate elites that do not yet pay their own way [son, you are in for one rude awakening],  and those of the non productive class that take and take and take and add nothing to the economy or workforce.  The Cloward and Piven ½ of the population made up of union workers, welfare recipients and the not so intelligencia that know better than everyone else how government “ought” to work, and usually they mean to line their pockets and make you pay.


The 2012 elections will be all about us, vs. them; the giant Federal behemoth vs. the rugged, independent individual.  It will be David vs. Goliath and his dependents because let’s face it, we will be battling the ideology and psychology of codependency.   We will need an AA strategy here, and it appears before the 2012 elections are done, everyone center of right will become Friends of Bill.


Paraphrasing Scott Wilder, Christian talk show host, we have to get the most we can with whomever we have in office.   We move the ball each down until we get to the goal…..it isn’t real often that we get to run the ball all the way back, and this budget deal was no exception.   As Boehner put it, to get this amount from one half of one third of the houses of government and get it through, well, it’s not peanuts, it is a start.   I think that Tea Party members who don’t think Boehner went far enough, I am one, may have to rethink getting to the goal.  I have. I think our Tea Party freshman pushed and pushed to where we are, and that in itself is commendable.  Within the GOP we now have a check and balance I think will allow us to move forward with less worry about caving in as we have done before.  


I know, so we WANTED $100 billion in cuts, we shot high…..we will get there.  If you mean to ask for $40 billion, you ask for $160, settle for 50% of that and still gain more than what you needed.   Horse trading is an art the GOP has never been good at.  We need to stand on principal, but when you can get the same result from another play and alienate less people, do it.  Keep your gains and keep going.   As Boehner has said, the next fight will be about Trillions, with a T and entitlements will be on the table, hopefully to end up on the cutting room floor.  2012, we take the fight to them.