Fidelity to the Rule of Law, Fidelity to The People

I am watching with rapt attention at what will pan out from these events.   The way they are addressed, or not, by the administration and the GOP, specifically our newly elected freshman will tell us all we need to know about the character of our leaders.   I suspect it will be the one thing that separates the men from the boys and from it will emerge those that will have the right stuff to be considered electable in 2012.

1.  DOMA:  Atty. Gen. Holder and Obama no longer believe in the constitutionality of the defense of marriage between one man and one woman.  Newt Gingrich is on the record as having stated it could be the start of an impeachment for this president, but I find this is just one of many offenses.   Civil unions are not defined as marriage for a reason.  The main reason is that marriage is the cornerstone of a society and adds to it and the population.   Civil unions, while they may feel right, are not the same and never will be.  They do not add to society, in fact of the all the monogamous relationships plead to defend civil unions, only a few actually turn out to be so monogamous.   They do not add to the population, they have to borrow from others what they cannot produce.   Let’s face it, it takes slot A and tab B to make a completely new entity.  Two of the same will never cut it.  

Not only is DOMA constitutional but it is sanctified and enshrined by people of faith.  The administrations act on not defending it is twofold.  First, to attack the sanctity of marriage and the faith of people and 2.  to attack the cornerstone of any civilized culture.  Once the cornerstones that uphold the pillars of a community crumble, they can be remade in any skewed version.  Once societal norms and social boundaries have been forced to jump the shark, then it is an anything goes scenario that reeks of anarchy.

2.  March on DC for Sharia Law:  I have addressed this before, but this president cannot allow Anjem Choudary to assemble a group calling for Sharia Law in the US.  This is a clarion call for the president and the newly elected GOP personnel to defend the US Constitution and make it crystal clear that Sharia has no place in the US and that a march to demand it will not be tolerated.  They need to stand firm and unequivocally state that First Amendment rights do not extend to insurrection.  Sharia Law is diametrically opposed to our founding documents and cannot usurp rule of law.   What the GOP does, what the newly elected freshmen do will separate the wheat from the chaff.  Fidelity to the people, the citizens and fidelity to the law is what we demand.  Show some backbone.

3.  July 4th Million Muslim March, again in DC:

Why on July 4th?   9/11 healing?  Please.  The US was attacked by MUSLIMS who practiced ISLAM on 9/11, not the other way around.   There were no mosques destroyed after the attack and damn precious few Muslims were harassed afterwards.  Taqqyia is spinning here, folks, and this again, cannot go unanswered.  In fact, the spirit of Neville Chamberlain is in the House as we see that the US is spending millions of YOUR tax dollarsto buy goodwill that will never be given.  We are giving middle eastern mosques a face lift while Muslims are marching on our soil…..I have never been so ashamed of our elected leaders.

Forget the Chicagoland tactics of the unions and their funding by Obama’s Organizing for America.   Far more is at stake and they are allowed to go on to keep your eyes off of what is REALLY happening to and in America.