As Goes Texas, So Goes the Rest of the US

I don’t know which is scarier, that Texas planned to make Arabic a mandatory foreign language to learn and didn’t tell allow for parental input, that it is starting in elementary school, or that this nugget is found within the article:  The DOE has identified Arabic as a ‘language of the future.’  Video can be found here.


What is even scarier to me is that this was provided by a FEDERAL grant of $5 million.

This was awarded to 5 schools nationwide, could we not SPEND $25 million in a better way than indoctrinating our children?  


Understandably parents are concerned that the language cannot be severed from the religion and I agree.  Islam and the language are a common denominator among Arabs and are intertwined.


I suggest that this means we will be INUNDATED with those from the Middle East, like we were after the fall of the Shah in 1979;  you know when everyone from Iran was suddenly Jordanian or something other than Iranian?  I further suggest that having the federal government prepare the way for them means they care very little about things that concern the average American:  assimilation and legal immigration  and  knowing who is in our country and expecting them to act according to our laws and our Constitution rather than their cultural beliefs and regulations.   YOU know this will set up a showdown of the US Constitution vs. Shariah Law.


This hand will be forced by the current administration, and since he has made it clear that his loyalties do not lie with our allies, we should be wary of anything Obama does that allows for the propagation of Islam in this country.


I get tired of calling for a recall of this man for breach of contract with the American people.   But I predict  we will go from allowing Islamaberg to exist outside of New York [speaking of a slap in the face!] to Cairo like outrage to remove him from office before his 2012 run is through.  *****Even Rush agrees.*****