Liner Notes

Here we are at the end of the first month of 2011 and what have we to show?

With all the meltdown occurring in Egypt today, if one was watching the media in the US one would think we were living through 1979 again.  In 1979 we had an impotent liberal president in office that looked like a feckless fool in both domestic and foreign affairs.   2011 is no different.  In 1979 the roiling of the people in Iran boiled over and the pro Western government was overthrown for an authoritarian government.   Fast forward to 2011 and Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt are all roiling over looking for a more democratic government.   Take note however, that democracy in the the middle east does not look like democracy in the US and they have groups like the Muslim Brotherhood just waiting to fill the void. 

MB has their political platform ready:  “The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt calls for war with the tiny Jewish state. What better way to unify the ummah than with tried-and-true, religiously mandated Islamic anti-semitism.”   HT to Atlas’s Pamela Gellar.   If you want the facts, be sure to read Gellar and Gabriel.  One note you do not hear from the drive by media, if Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Backs ElBaradei Role, we should be against it.  



**added 5:30  http://www.glennbeck.com/2011/01/31/study-guide-in-depth-history-of-egypt-and-mubarak/   Do your homework.   Look who’s looping the Southern Sudan secession and who will burn down Europe.   What will happen when we have China, Russia, The Muslim Caliphate?   What will happen to the Muslims in the US or within the administation or high levels of office?  Who will stand with the US and Israel?  Just food for thought, and homework….



2011 has brought two separate rulings that Obamacare is NOT constitutional.The latest in Florida, the individual mandate has been ruled to be unconstitutional, not even the tears of Shep Smith could save it.  From Fox News: “Florida judge rules that health care law is unconstitutional and says the entire act must be declared void.”    Vinson stated there is no severability, meaning, that the entire bill cannot stand separate from the individual mandate which is NOT constitutional, the entire bill is null and void.   I love the smell of constitutional righteousness in the afternoon. 

Not surprisingly, two separate rulings state just the opposite, but such is the way of political plays on its way to a Supreme Court ruling.


J-Nap, or the Napster is wagging her finger at the Mexican drug cartels.  They are quaking in their boots because of these words:  :”Don’t even think about bringing your violence…. across this border,”    NOT.   Man we look like feckless fools, again.   Lip service is laughable when precipitated with removing a border fence and removing our Sesame Street color coded threat level system {ie  Elmo Red, Cookie Monster Blue, Oscar Green}.

Napster.   Our Marcy Darcy.  I feel all secure now, don’t you?


Early voitng begins in New York for the Mayoral race.   Rahm Emanuel still has his name on the candidate list, despite being a resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave for the last two years.   Consider this a dry run for stealing the 2012 election.  You have been warned.  

The whole election is SOP for Chicago style tactics:

Emanuel’s closest contender for the office is former U.S. Sen. Carol Moseley Braun, who stirred up controversy on Sunday when she accused another candidate of being a crack addict.


Patricia Van Pelt-Watkins, a community activist who has 1 percent support compared to Braun’s 21 percent, according to the Tribune poll, accused Braun at a candidate forum of not being active in the community in recent years.


Braun retorted that Van Pelt-Watkins didn’t know where Braun was “because you were strung out on crack.”


Van Pelt-Watkins has told local media outlets that she had never used crack cocaine, and has been sober for more than 25 years. On Monday, she was demanding an apology from Braun.

Not surprisingly, of these stellar choices, Emanuel is in the lead by far.