Merry Christmas from the EPA

It seems the EPA has been working overtime to bypass Congress and the will of the people to deploy the will of the left, or the will of the donks.  

According to AP the Obamanots have announced plans for new power plants and oil refinery emission standards for 2011 and beyond.  Under the Clean Air Act in 2011, the EPA plans to.  According to Lisa Jackson, EPA Adminstrator:   “We are following through on our commitment to proceed in a measured and careful way to reduce GHG pollution that threatens the health and welfare of Americans, and contributes to climate change,” … “These standards will help American companies attract private investment to the clean energy upgrades that make our companies more competitive and create good jobs here at home.”

She neglects the parts where the EPA’s micromanaging the decline of the energy industry and the escalation of electricity prices will zap you and me in the wallet while simultaneously killing off two major industries [oil/gas and coal] in echange for the less-than-stellar benefits of wind and solar power.  Coming from Texas, that is a big chunk of our economy.

The EPA will accept public comment on these two agreements for 30 days following publication of notice in the Federal Register.   You can read it, here.

Please make your voices heard.  I thought we had killed Cap’n Tax, but he lives.  Call you reps, call your governors, call your senators, make the EPA understnd that they cannot unilaterally makes these kinds of calls where action by a governmental agency is based on high school or college thesis papers or shoddy climate data, manipulated to suit their needs.  This seems to be the chosen tack of the federal government and it we must be ever vigilant as our rights are eroded one by one.  We are under siege; it is time to ask yourself, are you a citizen or are you a subject?