Notes from Fly-Over Country


So much has happened in the last couple of weeks it is hard to take it all in; from the current defeat of the individual mandate for Obamacare in Virginia, to the Wikileaks vindication of GWB in that there was indeed yellow cake being sought by Iraq and confirmation there were indeed WMD’s in Iraq.   It has been a busy, busy time.  So busy, in fact, that the Democrats are using it to shield their procedural shenanigans and unbridled power grabs, again.


Take, for example, the trillion dollar Omnibus spending bill.  Didn’t the midterms teach Democrats anything?  The party of juvenile deadbeats that just cannot take NO for an answer needs the newly elected adults step in and take them to the woodshed, again.   The reason they got a shellacking in the midterms is because they have always been, are and will always be irresponsible with other people’s money.   The Republicans need to shut them down, now.   The answer had better be NO.


Then there are the land grabs such as detailed by Michelle Malkin, here. [Readable format, here.]  One has to wonder why this Congress thinks it is appropriate to remove land from Pinal County out of the hands of the Border Patrol by designating it as Federal land?   Sure as hell doesn’t make it any safer, as we have seen in similar situations in Arizona.   The signs warning of illegal aliens, drug trafficking and cartel violence, your stimulus dollars at work making the signs I might add, do very little to deter the mayhem and violence.  SOP for this administration, I am afraid.   The Republicans need to say not just NO, but add some profanity to that for emphasis.


Add to that, the insanity of adding the same land in the San Joaquin valley that is dying to a small fish.   The river smelt, a tiny little insignificant fish has been designated as an endangered species and is the reason for high unemployment, low fruit and vegetable growth and an explosions in the price of California produce [or worse yet we are forced by buy Chilean or Mexican produce – can you say r-e-d-i-s-t-r-i-b-u-t-i-o-n ?]  The land that this tiny fish resides in would be the same land Barbara Boxer has added to the Omnibus bill to make it – wait for it:  a  Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta heritage designation.

I do believe that it is in response to this:  Court Sides with Water Agencies and Farmers in Delta Smelt Matter.    The decision can be read, here.    By hook or crook, eh, Babs? 

I say salt the river, kill the fish and get on with LIFE.    Republicans had better smack this one down, as well.


And then we have the “framework” for taxation for the 2010 year.  After railing against the Bush era tax cuts, now Obama and his designated hitter Bubba Clinton have decided we really need to leave them alone; except, they have to bribe the Democrats with all kinds of sweeteners to get them to go along.   Although I like Paul Ryan, a lot, I actually do, I think the Republicans should stand firm on this and make the Democrats make their stand on this with no high fructose additive and let the American people see exactly who each party stands for.   Either you want to stimulate the economy and growth by leaving the tax rates alone and let the market work, or you don’t.  It is pretty black and white.  I never got a job from a poor person and never got a lucrative deal from a union worker.

The rich invest their capital in people, places and things, the middle class buy and invest and the poor work for those who make it from the bottom to the top.  There should be no envy, only respect and inspiration.  There should be no class warfare as seems to be the policy of choice by the Democrats.


 So really, it all boils down to who promotes the better character within us.  Who promotes the better angels of our nature, and who promotes the spoiled rotten side that allows Veruca Salt within to run amok and call it policy?   I don’t hate the rich, I want to be like them.  I want them to employ people, I want them to invest in new companies.  I don’t want them to hoard their capital. 


It is in that vein I think the Republicans ought to let the current tax rate expire and when people get a good look, a real good look at what they are facing in April, they will better understand that the current tax rate is not a break, the rich [and everyone else] won’t be getting more money, they will get to KEEP more of their own.  The Republicans can then ask for what they want with no deals and make it retroactive.   The only way to get what you want from those who have bought into the Democratic lies of taxation is to let them experience it a little.   Experience is a good teacher.  


In a perfect world I would also ask for a simple, fair tax [10 bullet points, easy to read, one sheet of paper] and abolish the estate tax, the inheritance tax and death tax altogether.  The three exist solely to pick the pockets of an already over taxed people.


One more thing about this lame duck session that really irks me and has gotten no airplay except in conservative talk and blogs:   Do we really need a babysitter for food?  FLOTUS thinks so, and it really makes my head explode that she and her petulant POTUS are so condescending as to put into words “We Can’t Just Leave It Up to the Parents.”  This encompasses their entire domestic political agenda.  9 words, it is all you need to know about the Babysitters-in-Chief.  Parents cannot be trusted to decide what their kids eat.  This from parents who have personal chefs?   Following this line of thinking, what the hell else can parents not be trusted to do and what liberties and roles will they try to relieve us of, next?   


Republicans had better come to DC with a spine and the word NO on their lips.  The adults need to take over in January.  This is what happens when children have autonomy.