Top 6 Things for the Week That Make you Go “Whaaaat?!”

# 6.  The Debt Commission and Kent Conrad.   Conrad gets it, the Debt Commission still has some work to do.

Raising taxes is not the answer guys, cutting spending is.   In some respects the Debt Commission gets it, but not far enough and not in the right areas.   Here are some suggestions.   Cut welfare, WIC, SChip.  That is what charity is for.  For those “foundations” meant to help the poor, give to the charities, quit sitting on their boards and making millions and calling it philanthropy.   Cut federal spending on programs not necessary to the education of our children if you cannot bring yourselves to do away with the Dept of Education and give the power back to the states.  Let the schools fund their own music programs and sports.  Ever read “12 Mighty Orphans?”   Leave the Bush tax cuts and then overhaul the tax code.  1 page, 10 bullet points, 3 x 5 card.  That is all we need.  Tax everyone, but do it fairly.

Let the military decided what defense cuts to cut.   No one wants to take money away from defense of our nation, but people in the thick of things can surely identity waste, fraud and abuse.  Let them do it.  Eliminate the EPA, eliminate the Dept of Energy, eliminate the Dept of Education [I wish] and eliminate the IRS.   No one in public service nor politicians serving the people needs a raise.  When Social Security recipients don’t get a COLA raise, when private sector workers are denied a COLA, the LAST people who should be getting them are those who get paid out of our back pockets.   In fact, if the comparable private sector job worker makes less, then the public sector salary for that same job should be knocked down an equitable level.  That would make it less attractive for Shirley Sherrods to make a living off the backs of the people making a lot of money for very little service.   I wonder if that is what Obama meant by public jobs being a “higher calling” than corporate jobs.  Probably so.   


#5.  Jesse Jackson, huckster extraordinaire is spinning the repeal of Obamacare like this:


“Well, a kind of creeping genocide.  What is hypocritical is that those who vote against the health care bill themselves have comprehensive health care for their families.  You’re talking about more working poor people.  Most poor people are not on welfare, they’re not derelicts; they work.  Half of the veterans were homeless — men homeless are veterans.  A million and a half children who — who are homeless, and they often go to school without adequate health care.  So this really is a — a mass march for the kind of humane — human destruction, of the likes of which we’ve never known.  We deserve better” 


There is more, but it is just as ludicrous.  What a loon?!   Who does he think is going to believe his lies.   What the heck did we do up until this last spring….you see piles of dead bodies lying around due to lack of health care?  Me either.  The black community should put this man in treatment and get him meds,  now.  But he is on to one thing, let’s make government employees and politicians buy their own insurance outside of work and have them get a taste of the bitterness that is self-bought insurance and see how they like it.


#4.    Did anyone notice that Obama opted out of laying the wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier?  He planned his trip to coincide with this action, or lack of action.  It is my humble opinion he has better things to do.  I have blogged about this before, he has no respect for this country or it’s military, it is beneath him to do such mundane things.   He always leaves it to number 2 [which is a double entendre]  to do the job.  It will be the same next year, mark your calendars.


#3.   If a hoax perpetrated on the American people fails, do we hear the sound of failure?  If a climate exchange quits selling carbon credits, do we notice?   October 21 the CCX, the Climate Change Exchange that buys and sells, trades carbon credits, will quit doing so.   Every one say altogether say “Aaaahhhhhh.”   His Surliness Al Gore must be really upset, as will all other faux companies that depended on the Waxman-Markey debacle know as cap and trade to survive.  The CCX will still exist as does the Kyoto Protocols, but I have high hopes the Republicans can bash those dreams, as well. 


#2. Lt.  Colonel Allen West.   Will the real gifted orator please speak up?    Some victory speech lines that give me a tingle up my leg: 


I know who the enemy is out there, and I am not afraid of confronting that enemy.


And I am not afraid to make sure that this enemy knows that the United States of America believes [in] peace through strength. Peace through might.


We will no longer have a policy of compromise, negotiation, and appeasement with the enemy.




and the number one spot this week is the Chickafication of sports.  The last bastion of testosterone and maleness has been co-opted by ‘feelings’.  Want a latte or chai tea to go with that tissue?


1.  The quarterback change in Miami, the  Dolphins have decided they’re going to sit Chad Henne out as the starting quarterback and put in there Chad Pennington.  Tony Sparano, the coach,  [not to be confused with Tony Soprano] walks into the quarterbacks meeting to announce the change, and the two quarterbacks start crying!  The whole ugly thing:    “Shortly after coach Tony Sparano walked into the room to inform the group a change was needed, Henne and his mentor-turned-replacement Chad Pennington had a heart-to-heart that turned into a sob session.”   What a bunch of cry babies!.  From the pink-out of gear for breast cancer awareness to the ‘Crying Game’ we see here, the feminization of sports has got to stop or we’ll be having therapy sessions after each loss and grief counselors on the sidelines.  Someone get those guys some Pamperin, stat.  I’m just saying …