Really? What More Did You Expect?

I listened to some of the President’s speech yesterday to the Indian Parliament.  It was a love fest, to say the least.  He outlined in great detail the exceptionalism of India and it’s place in the world, calling it the largest democracy; on the other hand the US, the greatest democracy known to man was termed simply the “oldest.”   At a town hall meeting in Mumbai Obama said “the US was such an enormously dominant economic power, we were such a large market, our industry, our technology, our manufacturing was so significant that we always met the rest of the world economically on our terms. And now because of the incredible rise of India and China and Brazil and other countries, the US remains the largest economy and the largest market, but there is real competition.”  So, in other words, we are no longer a power to contend with.   What more did you expect from a president overseeing the decline of the US?

From the outsourcing of jobs to using a financial crises to create the economic catastrophe we now have in the US, this president and his 2nd and 3rd {Pelosi and Reid} have blatantly sought to give the US what they think it deserves and to purposefully manage expanding the poor class by milking the middle class and outright theft of money from the rich, simply because they have it.  It is Robin Hood on steroids.  They have used race baiting, class warfare, political warfare, strong arm thuggery and threatening their own.  Really, did you expect more?

From a President that spent 20 years in a “G-D America” church, American has seen disdain and contempt.   It has been disrespected in traditions, such as a president laying a wreath a the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.   It has been slandered in deeds by a president that calls the country “arrogant and dismissive.”   Obama has stated before that America is less like a shining beacon, in a speech to France of all places.  What more could you expect from Obama?

Spending his entire first year in office apologizing for the misdeeds and flaws of the US, bowing to dictators and snuggling up to thugs, Obama has played his hand; and it isn’t pretty.  To him there is no exceptionalism in America, there is nothing to be proud of.   We are hit over the head again and again with the history of slavery and racism.  Indeed, even in India the US cannot escape being slammed down with with history as the speech detailed how Gandhi inspired Martin Luther King, Jr. and how he used his inspiration to save America.  As an American, I am tired of being beat over the head with that singular historical fact in our history.    But, really, would you expect anything more from a “beer summit” president?

From allowing the UN to look at Arizona for human rights violations, slamming Vegas and people who spend their money there [Nevadans have a short memory, don’t they?], failing to protect the people of Arizona, Texas and other border states from the drug trafficking and violence in Mexico, this president wants very little to do with his own country, a country in decline, a decline that HE has helped to propell by runaway spending, bad fiscal policies, non-existent foreign policies and appeasement, slip-shod handling of the Ben Bernanke and the fed.   Instead of telling the Fed that an infusion of billions of dollars right now would be the impetus for inflation we have not seen since the 70’s, he gave them the green light and defended it measure.  Because the first stimulus worked so well, Mr. President?   As the theme from “Welcome Back, Kotter” plays in the background, I have to asky why would one expect more from this thin-skinned, arrogant, politically inexperience, citizen loathing president.  I have to wonder why it is that this president would willingly bump Jimmy Carter to SECOND worst president in US history, on purpose?  Why would one expect any glimmer of statement of the exceptionalism, or beacon on the hill speech with a president whose sole job, it seems, is to usher in a post American decade?