Musings on the Day After

Just some observations on the day after the GOP took the House and a good portion of the Senate.

1.  It is fantastic that all the GOP Representatives, Senators Elect and the multitude of newbies were all on message last Tuesday.  It is great that they all seem to understand it is time to work, not party. 

2.  MSNBC is full of goons, led by Chris Matthews who has repeatedly shown himself to be an on-air-ass.  The donk is a loser and showed everyone just so by his crass remarks to Michelle Bachmann an Eric Cantor.   The New York Times is their apologist.  Don’t expect an apology from the troll.

3.  Mitch McConnell has really become a great voice for the mandate the American people want:  repeal the POS known as Obamacare.  Way to go Mitch.  Don’t back down. 

4.  The President didn’t seem to get it.  He wants the GOP to get along and go along, but I do not think there is room for him, his ego and conservative principles on the Hill.   The President looked beat down.  Good.  But that doesn’t stop him from going on a $200 million a day jaunt to India.  I think it is safe to say, he does not get it. 

5.  San Fran Nan didn’t get it either.  The Baghdad Bob of the Beltway thinks only a couple of Obamacare things need to be changed.    Can you say “deluded?”

6.  Stephanopoulos yesterday pressed and pressed Rand Paul yesterday to commit him to taking care of the Bush tax cuts.  Where were all the hard questions and pressing for an answer for the last two years?   Been a hypocrite much, George?

7.  CNN and MSNBC lost the ratings war during the election coverage and FOX gave more face time to liberals.  Class act all the way.

8.  Women, do you all understand the NOW is an acronym for National Organization of Some Women, Or Liberal Women only?  Do you not yet understand they do not represent you if you are conservative?   Crickets chirp when Meg Whitman is called a whore,  they say nothing of the brutal attacks on Palin, Bachmann, O’Donnell.   National Organization of What is Wrong with America is more like it.

9.  Angle and O’Donnell would have won but for the sniping and fighting of the party.   Ordinary people should run.  Ordinary people have baggage.  Ordinary people can win elections if they were supported by their party and not discounted as “non electable.”  The gals were both on message.  The NRSC got it panties in a wad because they were TEA party backed and not established party politicians.   Four words, GOP:  Get used to it.  Get behind it or get run over.

10.  What common ground could the president be referring to?  This election was a mandate on failed policies on all fronts.  It was a “refudiation” of his czars and their micromanaging our lives.  It was a refusal to accept the socialization  of America, so what exactly is this mythical common ground we support with the Marxist?