In Response to Bill Maher, Another Has Been

      Bill.   I am not amused.  You are neither funny nor personable.  You are a self-loathing twit with an elitist attitude that will shortly be cut down to size.   As part of the ignorant hillbilly-half of this country you seem to think are stuck in the 19th Century, I would rather side with the hayseeds than with your kind, the mutton heads.   Case in point, your inability to grasp the obvious;  it is indeed the president and his leadership [or lack thereof…that is a compound word, by the way], AND the public’s perception that is going to cause a total bloodbath come November 2.   November 3 you will wake up shell shocked and ask “WHAT THE [expletive} happened….????”   You fail to simply grasp the simple truths in 2010.

1..Obama is a radical….not as radical as you would like, but a radical nonetheless.  He is a Marxist.

2.  The citizens of the US are fed up with his trying to drive the US into European Socialism. The 2010 midterm is precisely a referendum on Obama and his failed socialist policies.  Despite his best efforts and your daily dose of bile, the Americans know the difference between sh…well look here:



3.  We didn’t need Daniel Hannan to tell us we can’t spend our way out of a recession.  Anyone who has ever run a business or attended to family finances know that.    This administration has NO business or real life experience, as pointed out by Tim Geithner.  For most, this is their first real job, and it is still not a real job because the only one to suffer consequence of their lack of real world experience would be Van Jones.  

4.  We are sick and tired of being told what to do in every aspect of our lives.  We do not need the government to intercede on behalf of us to control our intake of salt, fat, junk food.  We don’t need the government to determine anything about marriage, they need to butt out completely.  We need to government to do it’s job and defend our borders and enforce laws, like immigration….there’s a thought.

Bill, you have the uncanny knack of being a pain in the Democat Logo.  Only a condescending twit would utter the following:  {The voters, the public} “They don’t understand the issues. They’re too stupid. They’re like a dog. They can understand inflection. They can understand fear. They can understand dominance. They don’t understand issues.”    Pssssst, Bill, you are describingthe 52% of the voting public that voted for Obama in 2008.  The Republican, Conservative, Tea Party, Libertarian voting public know more about the issues than you do and I daresay could debate you on the issues…that is if you were up to snuff on your facts.  Since you resort to maligning us all with personal attacks, I doubt the veracity of any claims that you might know a thing or two about the issues.

You mock everyone and everything from believers to strong Conservative women.  I have to think the reason that you spend so much time tearing others down is because you have to little to offer, otherwise.  You are not remotely funny, you are not well informed, you shill for the uber left and you are not very entertaining;   Tearing down others, like a school yard bully, you seek to make yourself feel better, but even a blind man can see the seething self-loathing you possess.  I am sure there is some psychobabble term about how your self-loathing has caused some emotional retardation, but you might think you are dealing with someone who gives a rat’s ass.   You are not.

Come November 3, I can wait to hear the bile you will spew about just how stupid we are, again and how IDIOTIC it will be that the electorate could allow the red tide that will wash all over the United States, but November 2, I will , I WILL be content to imagine you, with pursed lips, unable to speak, renting yourself in half like Grumpypigskin  Rumpelstiltskin as you stomp around with righteous indignation, wondering why it is illegal to euthanize stupid people.  I’m just shallow that way I suppose. 


Just another knuckle dragger in Texas.