20 Reasons to Vote Democrat in the Midterm

HT::  Malkin



  1. You enjoy being condescended to and thought of as a stupid.
  2. You enjoy being referred to as   the great unwashed middle of the country.”
  3. The thought of being referred to as a sexually perverse act sends a tingle up your leg.
  4. As a black American, you do not mind being labeled as “ a mongrel people.”
  5. As an American of Hispanic descent, you don’t mind being used when told to punish the “enemy.”
  6. As a legal immigrant, you don’t mind others jumping in line ahead of you and draining the resources of a nation for political favors  [i.e. votes] .
  7. As a legal immigrant, you don’t mind being lumped in with the illegals when being reminded that you cannot do things for yourself, you are too stupid, and the government must do it all for you.
  8. As a black American, you think it is great you are used for political purposes, never  mind that the unemployment rate for black Americans is at 16.7%; likewise for Hispanic people, the unemployment rate is at 12%.   Currying favor with the left is paramount.
  9. Living in Houston, Texas, in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Chicago, Nevada, Arizona – you get a certain thrill about the voter fraud taking place right now. 
  10. As a member of the military, you think it’s fantastic that your right to vote is being stolen.  [Here, here: “violations of the MOVE Act in Connecticut and New Mexico, and in some counties in Alabama, Arkansas, California, Indiana and Nevada.” ]
  11. As a taxpayer, you didn’t mind the debacle name the stimulus, you were in favor of bailing out banks, you gave CEO’s that got bailouts a pass on bonuses, you really like the thought of paying more for less healthcare, you think the government OUGHT to run healthcare, automakers, financial institutions and the energy markets because they run other entities like the Post Office, the IRS, the VA, Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid so well.
  12. The US Dept of Justice gives voter fraud a pass, and you are OK with that.
  13.  You really do think Joy Behar is funny and politically savvy.  Or any other liberal entertainer for that matter.
  14. How to defraud thee, let me count the ways….here.  You are OK with buying votes.
  15. You think SEIU, the DCCC, ACORN or the 9th Circus Court of Appeals have your back on voter fraud.   Here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here – the list goes on ad nauseum.
  16. For the free food and the union gift cards, of course.
  17. The thought of return to sanity, balanced budgets, moral clarity, character in office, sane spending levels, value of education and returning the power to the people scares you.
  18. The thought of making teachers accountable to the people for the job they are entrusted to do [educate our youth] makes you angry.
  19. The thought that you might not get your food stamps, your SChip, your Medicaid, your cash for clunkers/weatherization/appliances will go away and welfare-to-work might make a comeback are reasons to riot or protest.
  20. The thought of personal accountability and responsibility are foreign to you.