October 19th

According to the Patriot’s Almanac, October 19th, 1781 British soldiers filed out of their trenches and surrendered arms this ending the American Revolution.  Cornwallis’ troops were trapped in Yorktown with supply lines destroyed and the French cut off escape by sea.   According to History.com:

Previously, Cornwallis had driven General George Washington’s Patriot forces out of New Jersey in 1776, and led his Recoats in victory over General Horatio Gates and the Patriots at Camden, South Carolina, in 1780. His subsequent invasion of NorthCarolina was less successful, however, and in April 1781, he led his weary and battered troops toward the Virginia coast, where he could maintain seaborne lines of communication with the large British army of General Henry Clinton in New York City. After conducting a series of raids against towns and plantations in Virginia, Cornwallis settled in Yorktown in August. The British immediately began fortifying the town and the adjacent promontory of Gloucester Point across the York River

Washington instructed the Marquis deLafayette, who was in Virginia with an American army of around 5,000 men, to block Cornwallis’ escape from Yorktown by land. In the meantime, Washington’s 2,500 troops in New York were joined by a French army of 4,000 men under the Count de Rochambeau. Washington and Rochambeau made plans to attack Cornwallis with the assistance of a large French fleet under the Count de Grasse, and on August 21 they crossed the Hudson River to march south to Yorktown. Covering 200 miles in 15 days, the allied force reached the head of Chesapeake Bay in early September.

Meanwhile, a British fleet under Admiral Thomas Graves failed to break French naval superiority at the Battle of Virginia Capes on September 5, denying Cornwallis his expected reinforcements. Beginning September 14, de Grasse transported Washington and de Rochambeau’s men down the Chesapeake to Virginia, where they joined Lafayette and completed the encirclement of Yorktown on September 28. De Grasselanded another 3,000 French troops carried by his fleet. During the first two weeks of October, the 14,000 Franco-American troops gradually overcame the fortified British positions with the aid of de Grasse’s warships. A large British fleet carrying 7,000 men set out to rescue Cornwallis, but it was too late.

On October 19, General Cornwallis surrendered 7,087 officers and men, 900 seamen, 144 cannons, 15 galleys, a frigate and 30 transport ships. Pleading illness, he did not attend the surrender ceremony, but his second-in-command, General Charles O’Hara, carried Cornwallis’ sword to the American and French commanders. As the British and Hessian troops marched out to surrender, the British band played the song “The World Turned Upside Down.”


As the British surrendered they could not help but notice that Washington’s troops were ragged and poorly equipped, most without shoes and wearing only rags on their feet.   One of King Georges soldiers observed incredulously “Out of this rabble has risen a people who defy kings”

In 2010 the American people are experiencing deja-vu as a condescending president and tone deaf Congress appear to consider them as “rabble.”  Comments made by this administration have called patriots names such as “terrorists, teabaggers, bitter clingers, nut jobs,” and other less than stellar vocabulary words.  This administration has descended into street fighting and using personal attacks to try and paint conservatives that want to return the government to it’s Constitutionally defined role as “rabble” and “fringe.”  

They will see on November 3 how these people will rise up to defeat those who would again be kings in America. 

October 18 starts early voting here in Texas;  we are less than 3 weeks away from a return to hope.  Take heart my friends.