Dreams from my Daughter

My daughter woke up last night, frightened from a bad dream.  In and of itself, that us not unusual, but the dream itself was a stark reminder that even little children feel the effects of  having an unfit leader in office.   Her dream was that Barack Obama was a pirate and making her walk the plank.   It wasn’t silly, and to her, it was all too real, the path this man is taking us, our children, and our grandchildren.   I reassured her to the best of my ability that he would not come for her, but wondered to myself if this was not a lie.   With the advent of Obamacare, higher taxes, lower wages, fewer jobs, loss of insurance and the ever dipping Dow, maybe she does know better. 


My daughter goes to Tea Party rallies with me.  She sings the songs, she loves America, God and Jesus, in that order and you cannot tell her that this thin skinned immature wannabe-in-chief is any good for this country.  Even SHE can tell from his demeanor that he cares not about the people, the place or the traditions of this country because she can succinctly put words to it.  “He wears hate.”  That is what she calls those smarty pants looks and elitist chin up gazes.  And she is right.


It took a small child to tell the truth to the townspeople about the emperor’s lack of clothing; this girl has it nailed as well.


To further show the danger from this man to us grown ups, one has to look no further than the 10/2/10 rally, dubbed the One Nation Working Together Rally, but only if that nation is a nation of Socialist, Communists, Terrorist, Illegal Aliens, Marxists, Jihadists, hate America first chumps and every Soros funded subversive America defficant known to man.  The supporting groups at the rally are everything that is wrong with America.


My daughter has a right to be worried.  These are the supporters of the president and his cronies

in office.   Hope and change was the mantra of every socialist and communist revolutionary, and those same people are the ones who put the current malignant narcissist in office.   I wonder how it feels to wake up as a college student and understand you were pwned by them?  I wonder how it feels to be a 2nd or 3rdgeneration welfare family that has finally come to understand that slavery still exists today in America, on the left side of the aisle and that you were pwned by them?  I wonder how it feels to be one of the 91% supporters that who are black who has come to realize all that hope and change promised by this man are made possible through the accommodations of groups like the list below?   I wonder how it feels to be a Jew in America that supports this president when he is supported by Humanists, Socialists, Communists, historically NOT friendly to them?  How does it feel to be useful idiots?


Sojourners    SEIU 1199    National Action Network    United States Students Association

UAW, International Union   Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights   SEIU: Service Employees International Union

Rainbow PUSH Coalition   PowerPAC   National Council of La Raza   NAACP   Green for All

Communications Workers of America   American Federation of Teachers   Center for Community Change  AFL-CIO

Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law      The Shalom Center   Children’s Defense Fund    Colage

Climate Crisis Coalition   NYC Environmental Justice Alliance   Chesapeake Climate Action Network   Earth Day Network

National Wildlife Federation   Transition United States   United Puerto Rican Organization of Sunset Park   Sierra Club

Center for Biological Diversity   Apollo Alliance   Green Party   Union Jobs Clearinghouse   American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee

The Southern Anti-Racism Network (SARN)   Green Party USA    League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC)

General Board of Church and Society- United Methodist Church   TransAfrica Forum    Democracy for America

National Jobs For All Coalition   The Power: The People United for LGBT Equality   Ya Ya Network   Working Families Party

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom   Women’s Caucus for Political Science   WPFW

WAND: Women’s Action for New Directions    Whitman Walker Clinic    Witness Against Torture      Wishadoo

Win Without War    Ward 7 Business Professional Association    Veterans for Peace    Voices for Creative Nonviolence

Voice of Haitian Americans Inc.    Harlem One Stop    Welfare Rights Committee    Veterans for Peace NY

Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations    Urban Agenda    United Mine Workers of America    US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation

US Peace Council    US Human Rights Network    TWU Local 100    William Kelibrew Foundation    Sikh Coalition

The Religious Institute    The New York Immigration Coalition    Imani Group    The Opportunity Agenda   Stonewall Democratic Club – Los Angeles

Student World Assembly    Society of American Law Teachers     Women’s Funding Network     Teamsters Local 808

The Community Church of NY Unitarian Universalist    SEIU Local 722    Single Payer New York    Single Payer Action Network Ohio – SPAN Ohio

SEIU Local 32BJ    September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows    Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union    Riverside Edgecombe Neighborhood Association (RENA)

Reform Immigration for America    School of Americas Watch (SoA Watch)    Progress Ohio    Progressive Democrats of America – NYS and NYC

Progressive Congress Action Fund    People’s Organization for Progress    Planned Parenthood     People for the American Way

Physicians for a National Health Program    Pennsylvania Council of Churches    Peace and Freedom Party   Peace Action Maine

Peace Action Education Fund    Peace Action Montgomery    Pax Christi Metro DC-Baltimore    NYC LCLAA        Ohio AFL-CIO

NY Coalition of 100 Black Women   New York Urban League    North Suburban Peace Initiative    New York State AFL-CIO

New York City Democratic Socialists of America    US Peace Council– Wisconsin    P.A.P.A.II People Assisting Positive Actions

The New Testement Revival Cathedral    The L.I.F.E. Institute    Suffolk Peace Network     Resurrection Temple of the Lord

Prayer, Praise and Worship Centers of America    Pledge of Resistance – Baltimore    One of the 266 Wrongfully Terminated

Northeast Connecticut Coalition for Peace and Justice    North Country Peace Group (Long Island)    New Jersey Black Issues Coalition

NYU Nursing Doctoral Students Organization    North Manhattan Neighbors for Peace and Justice    New England Region – AFSC

National Urban League    New Haven Peoples Center    National Union of Home and Health Care Employees    National Organization for Women California

National Nurses United    National Network Opposing the Militarization of Youth    National Missionary Baptist Church

National Immigrant Solidarity Network    National Exodus Council    National Domestic Workers Alliance    National Council of Negro Women

National Community Reinvestment Coalition   National Black L.U.V. Festival est. 1997    National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.    National Alliance Against Racist and Political Oppression, Chicago Branch

National Association of Black Social Workers    Mother A.M.E. Zion Church    Minnesota Coalition for a People’s Bailout

Midwest Academy    Maryland and DC AFL-CIO    Mexican American Coalition    Maine Green Independent Party    Make the Road NY

Lincoln Park Neighbors United for Peace, Chicago    Lemeul Haynes Congregational Church    Long Island C.B.T.U.    Left Labor Project

Latino Federation of Greater Washington    Latino Action Coalition of DC    Latino Equality Alliance    Jewish Labor Committee

Latin America Solidarity Coalition    Jewish Arab Dialogue Association    Iraq Veterans Against the War    International Socialist Organization

Interfaith Worker Justice    International Federation of Black Prides    International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers

Injured Workers United     Institute for Policy Studies    Illinois Single Payer Coalition    HOFADS Corp., Inc.    Humanist Party, New York City Chapter

Haitian American Caucus    Harlem Congregations for Community Improvement    Gray Panthers    Greater Allen A.M.E. Cathedral    Girldrive    Next Step

Gertrude Stein Democratic Club    Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition    Generation Change    Gay Alliance of the Genesee Valley

Fur Cultural Revival (Darfur Community Center)    Friends of the Earth    Free Speech TV    Friends of the Poor

Fellowship of Reconcilliation    Ex-Offenders Association of PA    Equality Wisconsin, Inc.    Drum Major Institute

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. DC Support Group    Energy Action Coalition    Detroit Democratic Socialists of America    Demos

Democratic Socialists of America

Demand Equity Now    DC Vote    Delaware Pacem in Terris    DC Asian American and Pacific Islander Democratic Caucus    DC 1707, AFSCME

DC Latino Caucus    CUSH    CUNY University Student Senate    Community Empowerment Network    Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago    Communist Party USA (CPUSA)

Communication for Social Change Consortium    Communications Workers of America Local 2336    CODA (Coalition for a District Alternative)

Committee of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism    Coalition of Black Trade Unionists Region One    Coalition for Peace Action    Cleveland Peace Action

Citizen Wave    Church of the Evangelical United Church of Christ    Chicago Teacher’s Union – AFT Local 1     Chicago Democratic Socialists of America    Charlie Fink Productions    Central Jersey Coalition Against Endless War

California Black League of Voters    California National Organization for Women    Brooklyn United for Innovative Local Development

Brooklyn United for Innovative Local Development    Bryn Mawr Peace Coalition    Bronx for Change    Black Youth Vote

Black Women’s Roundtable    [email protected] LGBT- The National [email protected] LGBT Human Rights Organization   Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN)

ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) Coalition      American Muslim Association of North America (AMANA)

American Federation of Television and Radio Artists    AIDS Walk Washington    Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays

1Sky   Black Leadership Forum, Inc.   Beulah Church of the Nazarene   Bethel Tabernacle AME Church, Brooklyn   Bail Out the People Movement

American Rights at Work    Americans for Democratic Action    American Association of University Professors    AFGE: American Federation of Government Employees

Amalgamated Local 171 UAW    Alliance for Democracy    All Hands on Deck    AFSCME 3800 – University of Minnesota Clerical Workers

Action LA Network   A. Philip Randolph Institute – The Metropolitan New York Chapter    350.org    Young People For

Working America    War Resisters League    Washington Peace Center    National Center for Transgender Equality

True Colors, Inc.    National Stonewall Democrats    Stonewall Democratic Club    Stonewall Young Democrats    Solidarity

Utility Workers Union of America, AFL-CIO    United Steel Workers

US Labor Against the War    US Action    Unite Here    United for Peace and Justice   United Food and Commerical Workers Minority Coalition

United Food and Commercial Workers International Union    Transport Workers Union of America    The Other 98%

Roosevelt Institute    Queers for Economic Justice   Pride at Work   Policy Link    International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, AFL-CIO

People’s Organization for Progress    Progressive Democrats of America    Peace Action    Pax Christi USA    Tikkun-Network of Spiritual Progressives

National Education Association    National Congress of Black Women    National Coalition on Black Civic Participation    National Black Police Association

National Black Law Students Association    National Gay and Lesbian Task Force    National Black Justice Coalition   National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education

Mass Transgender Political Coalition    Mass Equality    Maryland Black Family League    Majority Agenda Project    Jordan / Rustin Coalition

Jobs with Justice    Jewish Funds for Justice    immigration Equality    Human Rights Campaign    Institute of Caribbean Studies    Generational Alliance

Get Equal    Gathering for Justice     Family Equality Council      Disciples Justice Action Network      Equality Federation

Courage Campaign    Campaign for Peace and Democracy    Color of Change.org      Coffee Party Progressives     Coalition on Human Needs

Campus Camp Wellstone   Campaign for Community Change   Coalition of Black Trade Unionists    Campus Progress    Brooklyn for Peace

A. Philip Randolph Institute       Americans for Financial Reform     AFSCME     American Friends Service Committee     Coalition of Labor Union Woman

Campaign for America’s Future       Code Pink      CEEF: Center for Community and Economic Justice


From the pictures posted by Doug Powers here and here, this group doesn’t even have the common decency to clean up after themselves; such is their disrespect to themselves, to others, to their capital and by proxy, their country. By comparison   The Tea Party rally [1.5 million in attendance], Beck’s rally [350,000-500,000 in attendance] left their areas squeaky clean.  These are the same disrespectful users that left a $120 million dollar cleanup after the Obamapalooza Inaugural that left over 100 tons of trash.  See here.


The 10/2/10 rally drew 30,000 people;  it appears from several different sources and including the pictures used to advertise the website showed pictures from either the TEA party rally or Beck’s rally, since they had no where near the numbers of people.   You can add fraud to the ever growing list of synonyms used to describe the members.   


This county is not meant for the ilk that showed up at the rally.  It is not meant for those who fundamentally want to change this country into anything other than what the founders had purposed for this nation.    We should never have nightmares about where we are going and what we stand for.  This is America and we stand for something proud.  What do these groups stand for?    Greed, power, oppression, mob rule, thuggery:  the antithesis of America. 


November 3, make your vote count.   Then make 2012 your next destination.