Defeat of the Vote on the Defense Appropriations Bill

Yeah:  56  Nay:  43

On Cspan right now.  It is a dog and pony show and another rousing bash the ‘Publicans.

Sen Inoye goes on to compare illegals with the Japanese in internment camps after Pearl Harbor.


Dick Durbin is fit to be tied….Harry Reid is his enabler.

Durbin goes on to bash those bad GOP’ers and gives a portrayal of a student who wants to be a Marine but is denied the chance to because he is illegal.   It is a perfomace worthy of it’s own Lifetime original movie.

Since I have only heard of two such examples, ever, and not the “thousands” the losers on this day proclaim, I have to [again] doubt their numbers.  Even if it were “thousand” similar stories they get daily, it is a small fraction of the number of illegals in the US.

Baucus……waaaay off topic.  Read about the oldest man living in the US in Fox News headlines, as should have Baucus.

Babs Boxer – can I call her Babs???  She HAS changed her hairstyle.  She is shocked the Defense Bill did not pass with all of the blatantly political carrot was dangled on the stick.  Now annotating her research into wounded warriors [why do I just not believe her?]   The GOP is stopping all progress, pay raises, help to military families and spouses, the GOP hates the military.   Typical.

The dog and pony show is still fluid.