Rauf and Jones

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is wrong.   Rev. Terry Jones is wrong. 


The State Department describing Jones as “un-American” is wrong.  Gen. David Petraeus, with all due respect, is wrong, and so is Angelina Jolie, isn’t she precious?


Why?  Rauf and Jones both have the same problem:  they both have the legal right to do what they want to.  Rauf wants to build an Islamic center at Ground Zero…I will not play semantic games, 5 feet or 500 feet, the building is still AT Ground Zero.  Jones wants to burn the Koran.  He is undeterred by death threats, though of the two only Jones has received any such threats.  With the legal means to do the actions they want, neither have shown moral clarity nor any ethical backbone in exercising those rights.  That can do what they desire is not in question, but rather, SHOULD they and at whose expense?


The State Department states the actions of one of the two is un-American.  Really?  Exercising the 1stAmendment right to free speech is something Julian Asange has, and he is a traitor.  It is a right that the Westboro Baptist Church freaks have, but not Jones?

Jones has the right and to use a cherished freedom is not un-American. That he uses it to inflame Islamic rhetoric is, not that they need his help.

Anti war hawks and “singers” and “actors” who exercise their rights to call our former president insidious names are never called un-American and neither are flag burners in the US.


One must however look at the flip side of the coin to see the US flag on fire in Islamic countries, the burning of our President in effigy and chants of “death to America” to see how hypocritical some people are.

I can understand Jones’s frustration.  I can sense his anger at the US giving in time and time again to Islamic demands:  Shariah finance, Shariah law, honor killings, genital mutilations, all on US soil.  I can see the point he is trying to make; how can Rauf and any practicing Muslim living in America be taken seriously when the text they claim to be a religious book outlines the killing of the unbeliever and the subjugation of the world?  How can we believe the 9/11 Islamic center will help and heal and is an olive branch when it is named after a city of conquest? And then there is the whole issue of segregated facilities for Jews and Christians, it’s just plain weird.  You know that whole “separate but equal” thing?  The Muslims don’t want to be near the Jews and neither the Jews nor the Muslims want to hear the Christian theology.  The whole concept is ludicrous.


Angelina Jolie is parroting General Petraeus’s sentiments that the burning of the flag will inflame sentiment against the troops is incorrect, looking that the headlines from the last 3 weeks in the Middle East, the flames are already there and are being fanned by Iran [they are paying the Taliban to kill Americans], the Taliban, and loose lips like Julian Asange or the New York Times.  Pakistan has been flooded and what hasn’t been flooded is on fire because of Islamic nut jobs that want to make a point, again, with bloodshed, about their religion, or someone went out without a headscarf again.  The point is, the same people who have put a bounty on Geert Wilders head don’t need some little pastor in Florida to cause a great uptick in rage and rhetoric, it is their favorite national pastime.  Jones is just another excuse to do more damage.  It is like a loss [or win] in Philly or Chicago for professional sport fans.  In the last 3 weeks we have many more American deaths, the number has gone up steadily, and it isn’t because of book burning.