9/11 - Mark Your Calendars

The picture really speaks for itself.   [Pamela Gellar, Atlas Shrugs]  Map and history found at IPT.

Puts a whole new perspective on the Ground Zero Mosque, does it not?

Please visit the sites and contact your representatives to protest the building of the mosque.

There is no way that any mosque should ever be built within an eyes view of the object of their own destruction.   In my opinion, there should be none in the US at all.  Using freedom of religion to kill us and dance on our graves…..sick.

SIOA [Stop the Islamazation of America] and FDI [Freedom Defense Initiative]. 

From Atlas:  [Daisy Khan]  no longer calls it  “Cordoba Initiative” but park51 — now that we know that Cordoba is symbolic of Islamic conquest over the West. One would wonder why the Muslim leadership would want to call this Cordoba, site of the caliphate of Cordoba.

In the book Anti-Semitism: myth and hate from antiquity to the present, Frederick Schweitzer and Marvin Perry point out that the rosy view of Muslim Spain has been used since 1948 as “an Arab-Islamist weapon in what is primarily an ideological and political struggle against Israel.” This misuse of history ignores “a catalog of lesser-known hatred and massacres,” including the pogroms in Cordoba in 1011 and Granada in 1066 — both perpetrated by Muslims.

“An Iberian and Roman city in ancient times, in the Middle Ages it was capital of the Islamic caliphate which conquered and occupied Spain for nearly 800 years. During this time Cordoba was one of the largest cities in the world whose name continues to represent a symbol of Islamic conquest to many faithful Muslims around the world.”

Make your voices heard and stop this madness.

Email Michael Bloomberg via NYC or you can snail mail:

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
City Hall
New York, NY 10007
PHONE 311 (or 212-NEW-YORK outside NYC)

FAX (212) 312-0700


 If you live in NY, NJ or close enough to be there on 09/11, go to the SIOA or FDI sites and download a flyer for the protest that will take place that day.

Don’t let this turn into Leonidas’ Wall of the Dead. 


From todays headlines:  Bloomberg Says Opponents of the Mosque Should be Ashamed;  proof positive that money buys anything, including residue from the shallow end of the gene pool.