The Politics of Division

What do you get when to take the one thing that brings us all together as a people, a national identity, and remove that sameness?  After that, you take the whole equation and divide it by race, ethnicity, age, religion and class you and what you have left is left’s politics of division. 


The methods of dismantling the country and the overseeing of the decline of a nation are being done along the lines that divide us.  Those lines started some time ago with the advent of identifying us all as hyphenated beings, such as African-Americans, Native-Americans.  The act of culling and carving out niches based on age, race, religion, or class is methodology espoused by those on the left.   In the last 20 years multiculturalism has been the buzzword; identifying a subculture, the second in a hyphenated identity, and promoting it to the forefront.  It then becomes primary and the one thing that binds us all is either dropped or irrelevant.  Being an American, a citizen participating as one in a nation loses all meaning or importance.


Just as the promotion of a national identity to a fervor that was used a tool to promote hatred and strife by Germany prior to the second world, removing the identity of citizens leaves them looking for something by which to identify themselves.  Not only does it leave a vacuum, a void that needs to be filled, but it creates a nation of people who are ripe for indoctrination.  


The indoctrination factor makes removal of identity even more dangerous.  Take, for example a couple of scenarios in which the removal of the identity pose a danger for everyone:


  1. Black Liberation Theologyteachings pit white against black, haves against have nots based on race; BLT teaches that in order for whites to be absolved of any past guilt (I assume from slavery) they must pay reparations and become subordinate.  White guilt comes from BLT.  
  2. The teachings of Islam are debated far and wide within and without Islam, however for the sake of this commentary, I am concerned with the import of aspects of Islam that are not compatible with the US constitution and our way of life, such as Shariah Law, jihad, dealing with the unbeliever, misogyny and the rise of honor killings in the US, brutal genital mutilations of girls and the affirmation of some pediatricians that condoned the practice, then had to withdraw their approval.
  3. Those who have no religion, no ties, claim no race or multiple races and concept of societal norms.  They can used by anyone, for any purpose.  They can be molded and used:  think Stockholm syndrome.  These could easily be the Millenial Generation, the Gen X-ers or Gen Y-ers, the self-described independents that put a Marxist in office without knowing what a Marxist was or what Marxism stood for.   Those who have no interest in politics and do no due diligence in knowing the issues or the people.


Current events that are prime examples of the politics of division are plentiful since the Clinton years.   From his early days with a layer working with ACORN to agitate a community, Obama has utilized the politics of division and perfected them with his Alinsky background;  becoming a senator or President did not keep him from using the tactic, in fact it emboldened him to use it in a national format.   From the Gates incident, to the Sherrod incident to Fort Hood and now the attempt to build a mosque at Ground Zero, this administration has neither tried to diffuse the situations nor have they fostered an America-first attitude.  This president has made the divisions more profound and more painful;  he has not sought to protect this country from the politics of division, but rather has used them to his own advantage and political gain. 


What seems to many, including me may be complete incompetence by this administration to handle the situation as America becomes subdivided;  or simply, an artful tactic in the vein of Sun Tsu:  “Those who were called skillful leaders of old knew how to drive a wedge between the enemy’s front and rear;  to prevent co-operation between his large and small divisions to hinder the good troops from rescuing the bad, the officers from rallying their men.”  Maybe even using the wisdom of Phillip II Of Macedon who is usually attributed to coining the phrase ‘divide and conquer.’  I personally think it was used most wisely in the context of our nation by James Madison recommend in a letter to Thomas Jefferson of 24 October 1787 summarizing Federalist # 10: “Divide et impera, the reprobated axiom of tyranny, is under certain qualifications, the only policy, by which a republic can be administered on just principles.”  In saying that, I believe no one in the current administration is intelligent enough to use the Federalist Paper’s against the citizens of the republic, but rather they are merely marionettes, having their strings pulled by others to fulfill a leftist dream utopia of tyranny.  Those strings have been exposed time and time again by conservative pundits, bloggers, ordinary citizens that have uncovered massive frauds perpetrated on the American people, hence the reason you will see more and more calls for the impeachment of this president.  In order to make a difference, however, the entire Congress must go as well, or we will still have prostituted politicians, bought and paid for, with no fidelity to the people or the Constitution.   A fresh new crop of people whose sole intent is to put the US first, undivided and whole will need to take the place of a Congress [11% approval rating], a President [43% approval rating] with a gaggle of czars without checks and balances and the entire administration filled with radicals, leftists, socialists hell bent on overseeing the dismantling of a country.