Sophomoric - but true.

I can’t stand to watch the news today.  I don’t like what I see.

Man made crises, strife, division, corruption

Bigotry, race baiting, war on our sovereignty

Troubling trends meant to rob of us of conviction.


Families, freedoms, rights all under attack

Our founding fathers work all but undone

Socially adjusting and revising our rights

 With subversive, progressive venom.


We know the paper says “of” not   “from”

And the document certainly is not “breathing”

Its simplicity is its beauty; with simple truths

Endowed by God, not politicians.


No prayer in school, no prayer at work and

certainly no blessings on our country.

We cannot invoke the name of God

But we can allow prayers to any other deity.


Our history rewritten, our country to blame

Others will be elevated above us

We will bow down, pay homage to others

Reparations, payback, extortion.


Race relations go south.  Wright is still wrong.

Marxist theology is spread far and wide.

A dangerous theme from a dangerous man

Has replaced any teachings that came from a Bible.


Indoctrination in all public schools

Universities full of self loathing teachers

They shape our kids to punish the good

And reward those claiming to be victims.


Soon won’t be able to vote, can’t afford to live or die.

We won’t work, we won’t fly, no more trips to the moon.

No sugar, no carbs, we’ll be vegans, wear hemp.

Revenge of the earth will be all our doom.


We have no greatness, nothing unique

Unremarkable to say the least

A country of racists, misogynists

Oil whores and capitalist thieves.


Yes, the times of Reagan’s shining city on a hill

Are tarnishes and stained by the phonies

If they could garner a tax for looking back

They certainly do it, the cronies.


But within the heart of each us is the spirit and fire

These times, these people have forged anew

We will not stop, we cannot back down

There is so much more we must do.


The fight is for nothing less than the heart and soul of a nation;

For nothing less than the minds and lives of its’ future.

From November to November, and every 2 years after.

We will vote, we will teach and we will remember.