Red Herring

While you weren’t looking, or perhaps while you were sidetracked by the Gulf oil spill mishandling or the mismanagement of the McChrytal Affair President Obama has been selling out your future and soul of America. 


While you might have thought high crimes and misdemeanors like bribery in the White House or the latest in a long line of gaffes by Joe Biden were the news to debate, really, you might have missed Obama laying out his global selling out of America to the G20 crowd:  “”A strong and durable recovery also requires countries not having an undue advantage.”    (video here)


Did you get that…undue advantage.   Really, what countries have generally had a strong economy and working class with a surplus of cash?  One who even the poorest have at least one color TV?   Yeah, that would be us.  Let’s face it, poor in America is a far cry from poor in Ethiopia.   So, we cannot have undue advantages… over whom?  And who is to determine that?  And who is to make the world more just….socially just?   Who is to tell you that you have too much stuff and need to share a portion of your wealth with others?


This in an of itself one might say “Yeah, but, that is so non-specific, really it means nothing.  That is just him spouting his words like ideologues do.”   But you’d be wrong.


Throw into the mix this:  People should learn that lesson about me because next year when I start presenting some very difficult choices to the country, I hope some of these folks who are hollering about deficits and debt step-up because I’m calling their bluff.”

(video here)  Sound like someone who is just joshing or the Chicago way of strong-arm politics?  


Still not convinced?  How mixing it up with this?  According to Andrew Thomas of American Thinker, a “recently published article in Orbis, the Foreign Policy Research Institute’s journal of world affairs, written by University of Buffalo professor Ernest Sternberg”  should scare the bejeebers out of you.   The piece is titled “Purifying the World: What the New Radical Ideology Stands For.”


Thomas notes that Sternberg’s assessment is:


Though a mouthful, world purificationism would do well in expressing what the movement wants. It wants to achieve a grand historical vision: the anticipated defeat of imperial capitalist power in favor of a global network of beneficent culture-communities, which will empower themselves through grassroots participatory democracy, and maintain consistency across movements through the rectifying power of NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations), thereby bringing into being a new era of global social justice and sustainable development, in which the diverse communities can harmoniously share an earth that has been saved from destruction and remade pristine.


Did you get that?  Imperial capitalist power (us, and by proxy, Israel)   benefit culture economies (anyone who is not us)     social justice   save the earth 


There is more here, if you have the stomach for it.    In reading the entire piece you will quickly see that Obama, who fits the New Radical Ideology to a T, as do his czars.  Look up “new radical ideologue” and you will see a picture of Van Jones and Obama.


Not to be confused with the old left, this new “progressive” group is so narcissistic the are convinced it is their righteous duty to make decisions once left to the individual – with or without the consent of those they affect. 


More disturbing in the article is the marriage of these radicals and Islam. 


Reading the article one might think that committed patriots cannot let that happen.  As long as we have free thinking men and women who are informed, that can never take place.   Assuming that most people outside of Tea Party Patriots, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, and conservatives who read blogs or watch Fox News and their blogs get their news from the NY Times, Bill Maher or MSNBC then you have a lot to worry about.   It is alarming when Jon Stewart is the only “mainstream” media asking tough questions of the President and his policies.   Also consider that on 06/25/10 the Senate approved a cyber security bill that would allow a “kill switch” for the President to use

during times of war (I guess like we aren’t now, with Islamic terrorist?)  The bill gives the President up to 120 days to shut down non-essential internet sites in the case of a cyber emergency.   Giving the government the ability to shut down free speech anytime they want is not giving me a warm tingle up my leg.  In fact, I suspect it will be utilized 120 day until the Nov 2 elections. 


These are scary times indeed. 

update:   Things just got scarier.