Peggy, You Should Have Known Better

Peggy Noonan, I don’t know why you listened to those who told Obama was supposed to be competent.  As a Reagan speech writer, you should have listened to those of us who pointed out countless times that Barack Obama did not have the credentials for competency, nor the requisite experience to run a 7/11, let alone the last, best hope for mankind.


For two years Barack Obama attended Occidental College, though no one to date remember going to school with him.  He was not a memorable or stellar student.


It was abundantly clear that Barack Obama was a student activists, he himself said he aligned himself with communist and community agitators, but that doesn’t make one a leader.  He failed to become famous or infamous.  Either way, lukewarm is still not a quality one looks for in a world leader.


It was crystal clear that as a graduate student Obama became a community agitator, working for groups like ACORN practicing the Chicago way of arm-twisting.  One does not become a leader by being a bully.  One does not display leadership qualities by telling someone they need to share their wealth with those less fortunate, lazy, greedy, or a combination of the 3 –OR ELSE!!   One does not garner requisite characteristics by practicing mob rule. 


It was clear that Barack Obama was an Ivy League educated man, but that doesn’t make one a leader.  As President of the Harvard Law Review he failed to produce anything.  He failed to lead at anything while there.  


As a civil rights lawyer and a professor in Chicago, Obama carried on his leftist, liberal (you could say progressive, but really mean Marxist) teachings and beliefs.  His strong-arm tactics married with victims’ rights served him well.  But the characteristics that drove Barack Obama to spend 20 years in a black Marxist Church and not find anything wrong with it are the same characteristics taught to him by his communist parent and grandparents.  He never strayed to far from them, even by his own admission. I can’t believe you fell for his “moderate” line during the campaign.


As the Chicago State Senate, Obama had a less than stellar record.  Running for the US Senate in 2004, he won by lobbing character attacks on his opponent until he was the only dog in the hunt.  Kind of hard to pick a winner in a one-dog-race.   The US Senate record was as unimpressive as the State Senate, only Barack voted “present” rather than make a decision he could be tied to later in his political career.  This explains the waffling on the gulf oil spill…..he doesn’t want to be pinned to a decision he may have to defend, later.


One does not acquire the necessary skills and diplomacy to run a country by avoiding making decisions.  One does not display leadership qualities by bullying, sullying your opponent’s character based on EX-spousal allegations of infidelity or perverted behavior. If that was the yardstick by how politicians were measured 60% would already be out of office.  


One does not become the proficient 3 a.m. call taker by spending an entire career in the Senate doing nothing, make no differences, and being absent most of the time.  One does not absorb economic policy by osmosis, nor does one become well grounded in foreign politics by grandstanding and complaining about how we look to the rest of the world when we stand up.


How you could miss Obama spending his campaign and first two years of his presidency blaming the Bush administration for all the ills of the US and abroad while simultaneously bowing to the leader of every despotic area in the world is beyond me.  How you could miss any of the stunning examples of lack of leadership, craftiness and nastiness in attitude of Obama and by proxy, the whole administration and his blessing of horrendous behaviors by Pelosi, Reid, Emmanuel, Gibbs and Axelrod is just awkward.


Peggy, take off your rose colored glasses and take a look at the emperor.  He has not clothes and has run around in the buff for some time.  It didn’t take a lot of discernment to see that.  In my humble opinion, the 2008 election came down to 52% of the people who voted for race:    40 % voted for Obama because he was black; 4% voted for him out of white guilt and 8% voted for him to vote against McCain.  Which category do you fit in?