..With Liberty And Free Phones For All


Don’t know what that means?  When smooth talking snake-oil salesman like Al Sharpton speak, you better believe they are using their soothsaying to predicate the next act in the Obama one man show,  better known as the “Draining the Wealth of a Nation Program.”  Pay attention.

Today, for example, Texas has allowed the hoax of the Obamaphones-for-the-poor-program to be unleashed on Texas taxpayers.  What a colossal waste of taxpayer funds on so many levels.  Sharpton cried about how no one was equal until what was in their government subsidized homes was equal to what everyone else had….what madness!!


Since when should I be paying for you to have a cell phone and 200 free minutes?

Since when should you be paying for mine?   Not only is the Rev crazy (and by proxy his president)  but so is whomever allowed this to happen in my home state.  Low income families already get help from the phone company and the electric company or from programs like this one that provide reduced price phones.  Why should they then, get them for free!??


It doesn’t take much to qualify, you don’t even have to be a citizen; you can make international calls and if you are already on government assistance you qualify.  You can get one if you have a mailing address, a residence, doesn’t have to be yours, just one that can be verified.   Did the same morons that run the Office of the Interior or the Department of Homeland security ALSO set up the qualifications for this?  This has illegal alien, drug smuggler, sex-trade trafficker and terrorist throw-away phone written all over it.


No matter how many times they dress this pig, the fact remains that even though catchy logos like “Get your FREE government-supported phone and minutes” – nothing is free and someone has to pay for it.


On your tax forms for 2010 make sure you add this to your ever growing list of items to deduct as a charitable contribution.


“Line item 2:  avgerage cost of 59.99 x 12 = 719.88 deducted as a charitable contribution for someone who is unwilling to pay for their own phone.”


I would buy that.