Trickle down Crassness

I am sorry if this is so short, but from the Obama “I won” debacle to Biden’s “this is a big f*****g deal” there seems to be a lack of class that has trickled from the top down.  Considering how thin skinned the Messiah is and how petty he has shown himself to be with his light shadow Gibbs, it should come as no surprise that we have principals telling parents to “eat s**t and die” or this classy little number I like to call “Pe**s Envy.” hat tip to Breitbart.tv

That would be Carol Bartz, CEO of Yahoo!  You know, not Google?  Apparently the Carol thinks she may just be a big f***g deal…..debasement begins at the top and trickles down.   What you are seeing is just part and parcel to the whole liberal free-for-all.   No civility at all.  No class.

More examples:  Geithner’s meltdown  , Liberal meltdown at Freedomworks,  and the F**g Retarded Rahm.

What’s next, caning?