Needful Things

Mr. Obama reminds me of Leland Gaunt in Stephen King’s “Needful Things.”

Max Von Sydow played the lead in the movie; the only actor I know of to play both Jesus and Satan, a move he has in common with our president.

When Leland Gaunt shows up in a quaint New England town he opens a curio shop that always has just what each patron has always wanted.  The price for each desired item is the pulling of a few pranks which ultimately results in the selling off of the shoppers’ souls.  The pranks escalate from vandalism to murder and the town becomes wracked with violence and anarchy.  Only after all of this do the people realized they were duped by the devil himself.  (I, uh, already knew Obama was not the Messiah prior to his election, so I was one up on some people.)


Sound much like the current administration?  The same administration campaigned on buzzwords like hope, change bipartisanship and transparency but has delivered only derision of citizens, personal attacks on dissenters, malignant comments on laws that enforce the rule of law and racial division? (I might point out the racial division was engineered based on flawed interpretations of unread materials – which both Obama and Holder copped to, which is equally stunning, and stupid.)


Liberals think that wants and desires are needs and that they are paramount..

Conservatives know we do not need cap and trade.    We know that crippling our energy markets and hampering the small businesses that provide those good and services is not advantageous.

We do not need cradle to grave taxpayer subsidized health care.  Although we understand that there are ways to reform health care, the bill passed had nothing to do with reforming anything but entitlements and who had to pay for them.

We do not need bailouts of any industry, group,   Capitalism has a way of weeding out unhealthy businesses. 

We do not need a bailout of teachers unions.  We need teachers that can do their jobs, with no political bias.  In fact, we need do give the power of education to the states and take it out of the hands of the corrupt federal government.

We do not need taxpayer subsidised cars, homes, home improvements, or household goods.  We understand that even in the poorest homes most people have 1-2 TVs and a cell phone.   Al Sharpton thinks that everyone should have an iPhone, drive an Escalade, watch a 72″ plasma TV in every room and he can’t wait to squeeze your wallet to make it so.  He calls THAT social justice.

No, things that are coveted are not needs.  Obama has made his backroom deals with the AMA, the unions, teachers unions, Wall Streets, the banks and the auto industry.   He passed bailout after bailout and shoved a crummy health care bill down the throats of the American citizens.   He made his deals so all the little Peggy Josephs in America could get their mortgage, gas and other things paid for – all their needful things.    What those who helped him “cause he was gonna help them” didn’t understand was that their was a price to be paid.   What some who have buyers remorse now understand, as they watch those who still don’t get it, is that Obama’s trade off has set our economy back by 10 years, for a start.  We are on the fast track to become the new Greece and those who are still taking and waiting for more payout cannot see the graffiti on the wall (or the police being beaten or the Acropolis burning). 

In the end, the price to be paid will be low end mediocrity for most all at best, bankruptcy and anarchy at worst.    That is the price for lack of personal accountability, self reliance and not knowing the difference between desires and needs.