Lies, Deception,Manipulation

I have waited a while to post about the passage of the health care bill into law since there were so many other talented op ed authors who could voice their opinions with great specificity.   I have to say that I did not trust Bart Stupak. mainly because he liked the health care bill-his only squabble was with abortion language.  Not the thought of it, not the stopping of it, not the inhumanity of it nor the limiting of late term abortions-just figuring out who was gonna pay for it.  That told me he was playing hard to get like a drunken prom date, just waiting for the big payola before getting into bed with this administration.  I did not think he would hold out as long as he did, but as with most Democrats, Stupak was not a cheap date.  He got funding for two loser airports in his state and to date, the much touted Executive Order he held out for, has not been signed.    Something tells me, Stupak knew he would not be getting the EO he demanded, but it looked good to mythical prolife Democrats anyway.


With all the grace and class we have come to expect from this Administration, today America’s VP called the health care law it a “a big f***g deal” – then had the gall to claim it on par with the Emancipation Proclamation.    It is nowhere near that historical document; in fact it isn’t worthy of wiping Lincoln’s southern geographical region.


I don’t think I have ever seen the amount of utter lies, deception or manipulation so blatantly and brazenly played out in front of the American people.  The arm twisting and deal making would make a horse trader blush.  It is like the Democrats stole Patton’s nether region…stole, not borrowed or bought, stole.   From the outright lies at the State of the Union starring Joe Wilson, to the public flogging of SCOTUS, to the outright lies told about illegals not getting on this plan, there is not one thing you can believe that comes from the lips of the President, the Vice, HRH Pelosi or HRH Reid.  Gibbs is the court jester, but he is still just as much incapable of telling the truth.  (God, I miss Tony Snow.)   The joke about how one can tell a politician is lying is when his lips are moving has now become truth.