Copenhoaxen 2.0

In a rerun eerily similar to the one playing out in the healthcare debacle now taking place, Copenhoaxen is gearing up for a second run at redistributing the wealth of the US globally.   “Man the torpedoes, full speed ahead”  as it were…but in all reality it is damn the people full steam ahead.   In fact, trying to sell if off with vibes from the movie 2012, the faux summit is slated for a “World Summit on Sustainable Development” to be held in Rio in 2012.  Talk about planning ahead?!!  Planning by the Mayan calendar, too?  What a coup!   Actually, the greenies will try to sell it for these two reasons:  “the 20th anniversary of the famed “Earth Summit” and “the end of the legal term of agreement for the Kyoto Protocol .”  Who knew the New World Order was not Illuminati Silver but rather Carbon Credit Green? 

As Fox News reports, the Governing Council/Global Ministerial Environmental Forum will meet in Bali, away from prying eyes and presumably the press, pundit and bloggers whom would share how the world wealth will be stolen and redistributed based on a global hoax and propagated, furthered, condoned and encouraged by the UN.  (Just how many private planes can the airport in Bali handle I wonder?)  One of the discussion papers, written by an anonymous source, of course, puts the figure at transferring wealth from richer nations to poorer nations to achieve the mythical utopia where unicorns shoot rainbows from their flanks at $45 Trillion, with a T or just ove $1 Trillion dollars a year with very vague references to a nebulous “green economy.”  You can read it here.   As you can see from the paper, a lot of key figure come from the ultra reliable IPCC, mentioned in my previous blog. 

There is also the San Joaquin Valley effect that will arise from the aforementioned tripe.  Large portions of land would be set aside for wetlands, pet sanctuaries, pig beauty parlors, wildebeest rehabilitation centers and mental health centers for coyotes that suffer from disenfranchisement or from road runner fatigue.   Some of that has already started, here and here.  Items addressed would affect food, fuel, transportation and every aspect of life.   Killing business is just a byproduct or collateral damage of the social justice crusade / egalite’, as it were:  the social and financial razing of the world.

I don’t suppose any of the Mensa candidates meeting at the Cloak and Dagger Summer Camp for Narcissists will understand that their imposition of ludicrous shackles on people and their wealth will have serious unintended consequences such as mass unemployment, large breadlines, and more government.   Since government creates no wealth, the pool from which to get the get taxpayer money to pay themselves will dwindle and voila! even more unemployment.

Democrats may darn well get their socialized medicine at that point, but there will be no one from which to bilk the cost so they will be forced to utilize witch doctors and Miss Cleo.  Then there will be the pesky little problem of those Muslims who will not participate because they only have nukes….and they will be getting our dollars to green up, which I am SURE will be put to use for just that.  We will be financing our own undoing.   Sweet.  They won’t have to commit another 9-11, they will just wait for us to die out from under population or wait for us to regulate ourselves out of our nations led by the pied pipers of social justice.