The Gaffer, The Grouper and the Griper

I had hoped to give higher marks to the President last night for his speech, but the disappointing performance was more of a campaign speech for the 2010 mid term elections than a State of the Union.   Long on rhetoric and short on facts, long on blame and contradictions I was surprised to hear that the one promise from the Obama campaign was that pesky little problem of gays in the military.  Yeah, I am sure THAT is weighing heavy on the minds of Americans more than losing their homes and jobs. 


Sitting behind the president was the Gaffer, Joe Biden who looked like he was trying to read ahead of the teleprompter and when the president messed up a line or Joe knew what was coming he would cringe.   Beside him was San Fran Nan looking a lot like Mrs. Roper and doing that thing she does with her lips….not sure if she is blowing bubbles or trying to pick something out of her teeth but she looks like a rubbery lipped grouper.  Both of these things were distracting.


Among the highlights were the “I just got here, blame it on Bush” rhetoric.   We are beyond tired of that.  Mr. Obama, YOU are the president.  Man up and take responsibility.  If the shoes don’t fit, you really ought to quit.  Taking swipes at Bush and 8 years of however you want to frame the blame is so old that even Democrats don’t believe you any more.


The “I feel your pain” strategy was just stupid.  In order to believe that we all have to suspend reality.  When you have to choose between health care or paying bills, then I will believe you.  When you have to choose gas, groceries or doctors visit and have to choose by playing rock, paper, scissors, then I will believe you.  


Your remarks on vets were odd, at best.  My brother would never toot his own horn, but when a combat vet currently working FOR our government who is one of the heroes of the DC Metro crash who helped save lives is looking at his home being foreclosed and the banks in your own back yard that were supposed to work on mortgages on overpriced houses that lose a full 1/3 of it’s value won’t even speak to him about refinancing or mortgage relief, I have to think that you don’t mean what you say.  I have to think that this vet, taking care of our father who is also a vet, in the last stages of ALS who has JUST now started receiving benefits for disability from the VA after struggling for 4 years to just stay afloat because of his illness – well they could both use the help you talked about last night, but doubt that it is more than lip service.


Trying to frame yourself in the same vein as Reagan was just ludicrous.  Two words, Mr. President:  STAR WARS.   How do you reconcile removing missile defense from our allies, trying to shuck off our space program, cutting defense spending including the F-22 Raptor and lobbying to cut the C-17 program to making yourself look like a Reaganite.   Please.  Nice segue into defense, but the fact that you still talk about the Christmas day attack apart from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan leads me to believe you still do not get it.  We are actually at war with someone and an ideology….and you still don’t get it.  Not one word about GITMO nor the Fort Hood jihadi attack.  Not one word.

All the remarks on nuclear power, clean coal technology and drilling for gas and oil are great…but didn’t you make it clear you weren’t going to do that during the campaign?

Didn’t you already make it clear GREEN was the only thing you were interested in?  And that  coal was over?  Were you truthful then, or now?  Hard to tell.   And you should have been more upfront with the American people by telling them the Philly window company you talked about was owned by the spouse of your Energy Czar.  That disclosure would have been important.  The impression of impropriety calls your credibility into question, again.

By the way, in keeping with free market principles, other window makers have said they make better windows at 1/3 the price.   You really ought to look into that if your want to save money.


I am not sure that giving SCOTUS a public tongue lashing was such a good idea, especially since it was politically motivated.  You sounded petty.  You are petty.  You sound like Shirley MacLaine in “Steel Magnolias,” I’m not crazy, M’Lynn, I’ve just been in a very bad mood for 40 years!”  


Your public scolding of the Republicans “any new ideas, bring ‘em to me.”  Er, Mr. President they have.  You will have none of them.  At the joint sessions of Congress you said “Yeah, let’s talk about tort reform” but you have yet to do so.  Why not?   The Republicans have their talking points and ideas on line.  Where are yours?  They have a list that I can read, hell even my 12 year old can read and understand without an interpreter or lawyers.  Why don’t you?


Mr. President, you cannot speak about freezing spending and then ask for approval of Porkulus 2.0 , cap and trade, a health care bill that is simply unsustainable and fees/taxation of the banks who will pass that along to us. 


Your inability to connect with every day Americans and make real cuts, real problem solving and real bipartisanship will cause the November elections to become a massacre of the Democratic party.  You not only lost independents last night, Mr. President, but you lost credibility with your own party.  Quit your useless griping and blaming and get to the problem solving or get out of the way so the grown ups can.

One last thing, and it is my own pettiness, but every time you drop your hands in disgust or to try and emphasize a point the “thunk” is distracting and only pronounces more your contempt for the American people and their principles.