Doubling Down on Stupid

I have a whole lot to say about the State of the Union address, a couple of things in particular I want to zero in on are below.

The public flogging of the Supreme Court over their decision on McCain Feingold was just plain stupid.  In effect the president showed his hand and how he and most liberals feel about the Constitution:  irrelevant.  Uh, Mr. President, two words for you….George Soros.   You might want to look into it.

The public flogging of the Republican party and words like “you just can’t be the party of NO” were down right ludicrous.  Anyone who has kids knows that NO is as good as it gets sometimes.  It is short, succinct.  It is to the point without much discussion because sometimes common sense just says whatever the question, the answer needs no explaining.  Not being able to accept no tells me that one still handles problems and adversity with the grief of a child rather than the grace of an adult.   You need to work on that, Mr. Obama.

Taking the opportunity to speak to the American people about education.   (I thought it was in a condescending tone, but that may be just my take on it)  You would think that would be a good thing, but you cannot reconcile that with your actions in 2009 when you threw DC kids under the bus and out of a charter school program that was very, very successful.

You spent days before trying to tell the American people that you weren’t a part of backroom deals and arm twisting, to which even my 12 year old son called you a liar.  Photo ops with doctors, backroom deals with big Pharma, the Louisiana purchase and the buyout of Ben Nelson did not happen without both your knowledge and consent.  You cannot have it both ways.  At the State of the Union you tried to paint yourself as a Washington outsider, but you ARE Washington.  You are the “business as usual” with a Chicago twist.

I have yet to hear you address the fact that our exports need to equal or exceed our imports.  Why do we have cargo ships coming in with goods from China that leave empty?  Global economy?  It is only global when you export goods, too.  Get our goods out the door exported.  Which brings us to something you should be adressing as well and that is food imports and exports.  Why have you let the San Joaquin Valley wither and die on the vine, over a fish?  A fish for crying out loud.   Relocate the fish, get the water flowing again, put people back to work and get the cost of food down.  Export those foods and … don’t you have any advisors with good, common sense ideas?

Finally, if you really, really want to encourage business and stimlate the economy, don’t tax our banks.  Who do you think will ultimately bear the burden on that?  If you don’t think that will be passed on to the cosumers, to businesses, to individuals, you need a crash course in finance 101, stat.  Profit is not part of overhead and taxing those who lend money will ultimately result in less money to borrow, or borrowing will be done at a higher rate.  You don’t even need to know fuzzy math to figure that out.

I am willing to bet that Samuel Alito is not the only person shaking his head today.