Politicians Gone Wild

Arlen Specter, perennial north end of a south-bound donkey, has once again shown succinctly why the American citizens have consistently given this Congress low approval ratings.  Sparring with Michelle Bachmann, and not having anything of substance to offer, he decided to take fault with personality rather than issues.

With today’ssnobbish tripe he has shown why this particular Congress will lose in 2010.   Tea Parties signs this fall were awash with signs fashioned from the old School House Rock pictures, written on them were  “NO MORE KINGS!”

Well, there you go.  The American people elected representatives, not a monarchy and it seems our elected officials think they are royalty and we are peasants.  From the sanctimonious comments of Barney Frank here, here, or here to the outrageous behavior of Sheila Jackson Lee, aka “Diva” who put constituents on hold to answer her phone at town hall meetings all the while putting ringers in the crowd.

Specter, again a poster boy for foot-in-mouth disease, lost it at a townhall meeting over the summer recess last August.  No surprises there.    There is the condescending behaviors of Barbara Boxer to the tears of the clown San Fran Nan.  Let’s not forget about the comments of Clinton who was reported to have thought Obama would have been serving coffee to HIM a couple of years ago to the “light skinned and no negro dialect” lines uttered by Harry Reid.  Why was it okay for Hillary Clinton to make jokes or use native dialects when addressing blacks or making fun of someone like Ghandi?

As always, the trickle down theory applies.  Behaviors exhibited by  President Hopechangey are just appalling.  The Gates affair. The Kroft affair. Obama makes fun of Tea Party patriots. Then there is the works about clinging to God and guns that really got him into hot water.

Joe Biden, well, comments that fall out of his mouth are provable wrong, laughably inaccurate, and just not well vetted.  I think I have a limited amount of space, so we’ll have to catalog the gaffetastic comments of Joe O’Biden another day.

Bad behavior is a way of life when one is entirely disconnected with those who sent them to lead.  In these cases, these elected leaders have forgotten they get their employment from us.    2010, we just need to give them pink slips and send them on their way.  We don’t need people with the crude, juvenile behavior of a 7th grader  in positions of power.  (no offense to 7th graders)  As have seen on T-shirts, you can’t fix stupid, but you can vote it out.   (www.blowoutcongress.com)