How Now, Scott Brown?!

Wow!   Last night was the Superbowl of elections in Massachusettes.   It made the 2008 election look like a drag race between two AMC Pacers.  

During the runup to the polls closing I watched the DU boards and MSNBC.   DU was imploding I tell you, just imploding.  I was scanning for suicide letters because that was the mood.   ANd MSNBC?  Talk about TV worth watching!!     If Brown had the WOW factor, the MOM factor was what they had.  Maddow-OlbermannMatthews.   I think two of them need to be on suicide watch as well.  I was waiting for Hari Kari to happen on air.  


Now the real work begins.  After the Boston Tea Party last night the Dems are reeling from shock, but that doesn’t mean they are out.  They will redouble their efforts to do an end run around the Constitution on wealthshare  healthcare.   That Barney Frank has come out and said it would be a mistake to try and make those moves give me pause.  Not that I think he respects procedure, the office nor the man, but I watch carefully for two things:  how many Dems will weigh in and second that motion and insist that Brown be seated before proceeding and how many will call to let it die on the vine and hope to scrap and restart the process.

One year ago we lost all hope.  Scott Brown, Chris Christie, McDonnell, and even Doug Hoffman though he lost in a questionable manner….all these people the Democrats were sure would lose to the Empire have become our own Jedi Knights and more could be found fighting for the resistance.  2010 could be the year that stops the Deathstar from becoming fully operational.    Heh heh.

File that under DSF.  (Doing society a favor.)