What Brooks thinks of YOU

David Brooks, in his NYT hit piece today opined on the intelligence of conservatives who form the Tea Party movement.  In the first three paragraphs Brooks is off to the races, but starting with the fourth, the wheels fall off as Brooks makes ridiculous statements of this nature:

  The educated class believes in global warming

 The educated class supports abortion rights

The educated class supports gun control

The educated class is internationalist

The educated class believes in multilateral action

Brooks goes on to describe the Tea Party movement in this manner:

fractious confederation of Americans

defined by what they are against

against the concentrated power of the educated class

mostly famous for its flamboyant fringe

movement will probably be transformed

amateurish movement with mediocre leadership

Well, there you go.  For all his bluster, out in the open, he shows his own ignorance by calling anyone that the Tea Party members do not agree with the “educated class.”  What makes them so better than conservatives?  Nothing more than their elitist attitude, of which Brooks seems intimately familiar.   With descriptions meant to demean, belittle, and deride the movement Brooks makes the same mistake as Palin bashers…..underestimating the power of the people.    In fact, he goes on to misstate that Rubio or Johnson are vying to be de facto leaders….funny, the Tea Party movement needs no leaders, just highly committed people who love their country.  Again, Brooks makes the mistake of underestimating the people…this time in thinking we need a leader.     200+ years ago, a band of uneducated, undereducated yet hardworking people decided to change this country and in the face of revolution a free nation was born.    2010 looks like a good year to repeat history, despite the crude cave drawings of David Brooks. 

In his own words Brooks gives the very reason the Tea Parties exist.  People, common people, who’s education has very little to do with their fervor, are sick and tired of the elitist attitude of “cake for me but none for thee.”     


edited 12/05/10 mgp    uh, thanks for the critique  🙂