Grading Obama

I see that the Obama administration gets  an F  for it’s handling of the Detroit terror attempt.  Had the inept terrorist actually achieved his goal Obama would still take 3 days to address the situation.  Captain Teleprompter just can’t seem to get on the ball and address a situation while it is fresh, and I guess it takes 3 days to figure out the best angles to say 1).  It was Bush’s fault  2) it was a singular, isolated incident 3).  Muslim terrorist, what Muslim terrorist? and 4) the system worked, right?

Pointing out flaws in Obama’s words  Bush is not president, hence the buck stops at his oval door.  As Pamela Gellar points out “But seriously, folks, we were safe under Bush. And while he had a half-assed approach to jihad, he wasn’t making love to it. Obama is a failure. ”  I agree.

It was not a single incident, but a series of incidents one can google, if one isn’t too exhausted from trying to screw the American people.  (Atlas Shrugs does the work daily so you don’t have to)  Yes, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was a Muslim and a guest to Yemeni terrorist.  He was also on several watch lists as well as given up by his father to the CIA as a person to watch and yet the system, Obama’s system, the very system he is in charge of, failed miserably on Christmas day.  The CIA gave the information it had to the Obama  counter-terrorism team  and it failed to act on the information.  DHS ring master Nepalitano and Obama received another wrinkle in their otherwise seamless system as it was revealed that the Yemeni puppet masters were GITMO releases.  Damn those GITMO recidivism rates, but at least they are comparable to the US prison system, you know, without all the suicide bombing.  USAG Eric Holder is intimately familiar with GITMO releases gone bad.

Obama, 3 days later, wagged his finger in a firm, threatening way and demanded that everyone in the system that failed be held accountable.  It is with great irony that I see he said that we should be held accountable (an act of lip service only, I’m afraid) and yet Abdullmutallab was put right into the criminal justice system and given rights reserved for American citizens.  Did anyone remember to mirandize him?  Mark Steyn succinctly sums it all up with this:  “There’s a difference between an alleged suspect (which is what he is is the President’s fantasy) and an enemy combatant (which is what he is in reality). If this were a war, we would question him about who he hooked up with in Yemen, who did he meet with in London, and maybe get a lead on attacks to come. Instead, the authorities, having issued the Knickerbomber a multi-entry visa, having permitted him to board the plane, and having failed to detect his incendiary underwear allow him to lawyer up and ensure that we’ll never know who he knew in Yemen or anywhere else.”

In my estimation, the sum of all these actions and inactions would lead me to grade the President and his administration by proxy, at less than zero.   While Obama and his feckless ship of fools pretend they are fighting a war on terrorism we are being hit daily, this is just one example.


This administration’s pre-9/11 thinking leaves no question in my mind it is not a matter of “if” but “when” the next big one will happen.