Wanted: A Few Good Men

What our political system needs, in my opinion, is a few good men, seasoned in the military and cognizant of the need for victory and strength.    We need leaders who have lead, and followed the chain of command to run a tight ship.   We don’t need to rebuild the party, it needs leadership, and not the kind of centrist baloney we have had the last 40 years.

The political scenery we have right now is a direct result of not having men and women of character in office.  Those men and women who returned from Korea, Vietnam, Kosovo, Bosnia, Beirut, Somalia….by and large wanted nothing to do with the ones who sent them when they rejoined civilian life.   I can’t say I blame them; aside from Korea the US has betrayed their soldiers time and time again.  The result of that betrayal allowed posers, wannabes like John Kerry or Max Cleland in politics, making policy for us all.  Yes, there were some who earned their way, like McCain, but he was a moderate.    Worse yet, you get men of the character of Jim Webb who manipulate their CHILDREN’s service in an opportunistic, political way.  Webb is no Duncan Hunter, I can assure you.   Hunter is the antithesis of Webb.

We need politicians that stand their ground and cannot be bought like Landreau and Nelson.  Character counts.

We have the lowest number of vets serving in the House and Senate in 40 years, and it shows.  It shows in policy, it shows in indecision and it shows to our enemies in a very blatant way.   That is precisely why it took 4 months to get a decision out of a commander in chief that did not serve.   He is inexperienced, in over his head and cannot understand the strategy.   Hell, I don’t even think he knows the smell of victory.

I am pleading for our returning vets to run for office, be it local, state or federal.  We need class and character back in leadership.  We need people who understand that peace comes through strength, not weakness and that you cannot appease those hell bent on killing you.  We need a few good men to take up their crosses, and lead us out of the liberal hellhole in which we find ourselves.  We would be grateful.

The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional to how they perceive the veterans of earlier wars were treated and appreciated by their nation.”  George Washington, 17891789- George Washington 17899