Chronology of Failure and Hope

The “Greatest Generation” was so named for the ability to name,confront, battle and win against evil.   Most of those who served and families who sacrificed to keep families intact until their return were made of stern stuff.  They know what needed to be done and did not bemoan the fact it had to be done.  By contrast, a large portion of subsequent generations do them an injustice. 

The children of the “Greatest Generation” I term the “Least Greatest Generation.”  They were given more than their parents had and threw it right back in their faces.  These are the 60’s babies.  These are the people you see making laws for us today.  These are the children who protested Vietnam, bombed government offices, participated in domestic terrorism and openly condoned socialism and communism.  Feminism, liberalism, humanism, relativism and  antidisestablishmentarianism,  took hold and the family unit and society was fractured.  They were anti-government and pro-dictator.  They were anti-rule of law and pro-chaos.  They were against every societal norm and for anything that was in direct opposition.  They looked to manipulating politics and education to get for themselves what they could not achieve through infantile behavior.  Though the behavior did not stop, it merely was redirected into policy.  This is the generation that spawned out current liberal administration.

By and large the children of the 70’s are the “Shiftless Generation.”  They had grandparents that experienced the Depression, parents that participated in sit-in’s, love-ins and peace-outs. Torn between two mindsets, it was easier to smoke dope than to participate in life.    To do justice, there were those that supported and served in Vietnam, those who didn’t fit the 70’s mold, but overall, they just tuned out.  Family units were further fractured and the schism grew so large it was irretrievably broken.  Disdain for the elderly replaced veneration and society jumped the rails of morality.  Sex, drugs and rock and roll, it was a lifestyle.

80’s babies were spoiled rotten and fed every excess known to man.  Sex and drugs were a cultural identity, even more so than the “Summer of Lovin’.”  It was raunchy, it was in your face.  These kids were given anything they wanted and to this day, your 80’s babies cannot understand why they can’t have it all?  They deserve it and doggone it they are good looking!  Priorities were skewed as well.  Family units were only a memory of what replaced it.  Broken homes, blended families, single parenting, abortions in place of birth control.  The culture of death flourished.   The elderly, our greatest treasure, were simply forgotten.  Punk was in and anti-everything reared it’s ugly head again.

The “Least Greatest Generation” taught their 70’s and 80’s babies very little moral limitations, hence the Madonna type girls and metrosexual males of the 90’s.  The grandparents of the Depression were dying off and precious few, too few remained to be the compass and rule for their descendants.  They were also given all they could desire, but the technological boon birthed a new generation of technoweeniesthat could do almost anything related to technology, but nothing with their hands or minds.  Lead by the second most juvenile administration in US history, the country was betrayed to it’s own gluttony.  Like a horse that eats until is founders, the US was fed a steady diet of crap and excess.  We went from reading Life to reading US or Self.  It was all about me, me, me.  Victimization was en vogue.

2000 saw a rebirth of the spirit that was alive in our greatest generation.  It was a flicker, but it was there.   2010 will likely be the year that starts to bring common sense and uncommon valor back to the forefront and bring sanity to this country once again.  I do see reason to hope amid the failure we see every day.  I am banking on it.  I am raising my kids be in that tide to become the “2nd Greatest Generation.”