Can We have a Vote of NO Confidence, Now?

Mr. Obama, the man-child in presidential clothing, is the first president to make his first year in office about the unprodigious aspects of the country he leads.  He has spent the first 11 months daily apologizing for our mediocrity and the egregious behaviour of the Bush Administration.    He has portrayed America as not worthy of it’s place on the pedestal on which it sat until his Thrasher Tour, 2009.   So it is of little shock to me that Obama would have no problem with Eric Holder prosecuting KSM and 4 other terrorists in civilian court.    It comes as no surprise to me that he welcomes the decision to make America a target again, give the perpetrators the same rights as full citizens and allow the security risk that will be most certainly a huge concern. 

It is Obama’s chance to once again show the US as a rule-breaking thug on the world scene.  It is his chance to prosecute the former President Bush and Cheney adminstration without looking like he sanctioned such a thing.  So much for looking forward.  This will be the opportunity for Obama to bring up torture, black sites, share information that will eventually find it’s way into the hands of the enemy and tarnish the US.  It is his dream come true.

Mr.  Obama is not stupid, he has to know the inevitable outcome of this trial and that all the things mentioned above will have to put a civilian trial at risk for mistrial or aquittal.  But he is more concerned with airing his grievances about the former administration than with the degree of guilt of the mad men that have already confessed to the crimes of which they are accused.   He is more convinced of his righteousness in using this trial to bring justice to those he believes are the real criminals, not those who were not mirandized on the field of combat.  Simply put, Obama wants to satisfy the left leaning 9/11 truthers and those that hold the men that kept us safe for 8 years accountable for war crimes.  He wants them punished more than KSM.  That is why there will be no military tribunals.

The American public should be able to have a vote of no confidence of any president that sells out his own country, his own people, his own government to satiate his own petty, vacuous desires.  The only difference between Philip Nolan and Barack Obama is that Obama has sold us out on the world stage, daily, right in front of our faces. 

Maybe Kurt Vonnegut should chronicle this as well?  He can rewrite his Bush bashing book  with a little prestidigitation and voila! an instant chronicle of the current administration from theft, disenfranshisement, faux pas, scandals and lost confidence in a failed administration.