PC Kills

That political correctness was used by the Army when dealing with Major Hasan is as important an issue as the unintended consequences.   That the Army has had to be more and more politically correct in dealing with Muslims in the US military is not in question, but what I question is the foreseeable outcome.  Fort Hood.


Political correctness is to blame for allowing someone who was so unfit to be in the military, to still be there 6 months after the Army was REALLY taking notes on Hasan.

It is to blame for either missing the attempts to contact Al Quaeda, or waiting to use them.  Political correctness is to blame for the deaths and woundings of every soldier at Fort Hood, and for that, someone must answer.  Urbangrounds.com has a succint piece on the matter.


The Army has never treated men and women with kid gloves, neither has it given preferential treatment to anyone;  however, in Hasan’s case, signs were either missed or misused.    


Department of Homeland Security secretary Nepalitano warns against anti-Muslim backlash in the wake of the Fort Hood murders.   I want to know, why didn’t she or the military step in long before now with the facts we now have in hand?    Why was Hasan allowed to be on the advisory panel to DHS with the facts we now have in hand?  Why was Hasan to be deployed with the facts we now have in hand?   Why was he not pulled away from soldiers and civilians with all the anti-American sentiments he espoused and why not, at the very least, bounced out of the Army?  One cannot serve two masters, and this was the foreseeable outcome with the facts we now have in hand.


You can read the facts we now know here, here, here, here, here, here and here.  More details come out daily.


The US Military, above all should understand and know what the blowback should be when allowing those with mixed allegiances in their ranks.  It is akin to letting the SS join our military in WW2, or letting Russian spies in our intelligence communities during the cold war because someone whined about racial profiling or discrimination.  The tail is wagging the dog and THIS is precisely the only outcome that can come from letting it happen.   There is blood on the hands of whoever made the decision or allowed indecision to keep Hasan in the Army, and likewise whatever agency, head of agency, that leaned on the military to become the PC military it is today.