Crybabies in the White House

Limbaugh is right.  Our President and administration led by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are a bunch of thin-skinned cry babies who are not intellectually nor emotionally mature enough to run the country.

The current crop of democratic socialists are radical lefties that never left behind the college social injustice mentality and have never held an honest job in their lives.  In 11 short months they have successfully taken over a portion of the private sector and are waging a war to control 1/6th of it, including health care.  The health care question is so important, because through it the Democrats will control just about every aspect of our lives. Democrats are willing to take one for the team despite the following:

  • The mandate that “one buy health care of face massive fines” is without a doubt unconstitutional
  • There is overwhelming opposition shown for the plan by conservatives, independents, and those in their own party
  • The CBO scores the plan cost at over a $Trillion, with a “T” and the sleight of hand practiced by the Democrats shows that it will indeed add to the deficit
  • Small businesses will suffer and have to get rid of employees to cover the fines imposed which leads to
  • Unemployment figures that will rise directly related to fees imposed on businesses

Democrats in power are a dangerous thing.  They believe their own rhetoric that everything needed is a right.  They believe that social justice can be engineered, but they do not take into account human nature.  They do not understand that Ayn Rand nailed the picture of society as they want it in “Atlas Shrugged” and that those that are forced to work for the benefit of others will not do it, as likewise those that feed of the tit of forced labor will do it rather than work themselves.  Self serving ticks on society and self serving bureaucrats are the trifecta.  They kill business and employment, the economy and society.

Indeed, while this is going on in the background, the White House is busy with immature temper tantrums about Fox News, the Chamber of Commerce, and conservative pundits, rather than with IMPORTANT things like Afghanistan.   The weeks spent on fury against Fox News makes Axelrod look like Scut Farkus, and Obama is his toadie, Grover Dill.   (Because let’s face it, Axelrod is really running the show.)  We can only hope that Scut gets what is coming to him in the way of a health care defeat.

It is not too late to stop the health care debacle and gear up for the cap’n tax fight.  Make no mistake, we will have to fight for free market principles and individual freedoms against pantywaisted whiners who want to allocate other people’s money.  I don’t believe the Democracts mean well, I think capitalism and free market principles along with the Constitution are obstacles to the tyranny they desire to hold.