15 Ideas for 2010 or 2012

If I were running in either the Mid-term election of even for president in 2012, my platform would be as follows:

*Abolish the IRS.  We don’t need them and this administration wants to give the bloodsuckers more power.  Don’t think so.  Hire some CPA’S, I am sure we have some already out of work that would be willing to do the job in a pinch when I suggest that we also

*Abolish the current taxation system.  If it isn’t simple, it isn’t needed.  Let’s have a flat tax that takes about one page, two with itemizations and deductions.

*Tort reform.  Now.  Way past due.  Time to put the ambulance chasers on notice…you will be added to the unemployment numbers.  Speaking of bloodsuckers, we do not need a nation of John Edwards look alikes channeling dead children to juries.  Time to utilize the reform Texas voted to allow, nationwide.

*Immigration:  It isn’t tough.  If one can find 12-20 million illegals for census purposes or protesting the first of May, or identifying them for health insurance then we sure can find them for INS reasons.   We must have a mutli-pronged approach.  That means we HAVE to profile.  I really don’t care what liberal pantywaists whining about profiling have to say….illegal immigrants are breaking the law by taking public assistance or housing and jobs from citizens out of work and it must stop.   It is not the American public’s fault they have jobs or houses here and multiple children, but it is our duty to uphold the letter of the law.  If often hear that those that come here want to out of choice and that they are leaving behind a corrupt government, but how fair is it to allow them to break the law to be here?  In front of those who have been standing in line? 

The US must have wide, tall gates to allow in those that benefit the society as a whole, those who can bring something to the table, while keeping out the riff-raff seen in raids in the last two weeks, like members of La Familia.    A guest worker program would be great, but we have to know who is here and Americans should have first shot at ANY jobs in this country.   

I know I will have all kinds of detractors, but even those who have been here for some time and have assimilated somewhat, should have to leave and come back in through the appropriate way.  It should be the same for all. 

There should be no automatic citizenship for any illegal here, save those that have joined the military.  Coincidentally, why couldn’t we have those who want to come in serve 6 years in the military earning citizenship, along with spouse, and siblings?  I would be willing to toss that in.  English is the language of the land.  Learn it, love it, use it.  BYOI or bring your own interpreter.  No more ESL.   NO more dual language docs.  No more pushing 1 for English.  Assimilate.

  *That brings us to the borders.  We have convicts, in prison, getting college classes, watching cable, reading Maxim all on our dime, both North and South.  We have cheap labor, put it to use.  Those people in prison need to do something redeeming and we need a wall.   We need to move more in the direction of Sheriff Joe and put them to work.   Call it a trade off for room and board.

*Gitmo.  Closed?  Enemy combatants do not have rights.  Obama should know that, but he is just fishing for CAIR votes.  I would move to have all of the detainees moved to the Rock.  Let Veruca Salt  Pelosi worry about them.  Should that be worrisome, we could strap them to daisy cutter and re-patriate them to Iran.

*Bailout, bailout, bailout.  There should never BE a bailout.  In the free market, it you don’t cut it, you go away.  Someone else will pop up tomorrow with something better, stronger.   That applies to banks, carmakers, airlines, and news media.

*Czars.  Fire them all.  We have public servants that work for the people.  There should be no end run around it.  Our “leaders” have forgotten they work for the people, and likewise the people have fogotten who works for whom. 

*Small business.  Oh, the backbone of society should have all manner of tax cuts and credits for many, many things.  We need to be about the business of building them up, rather than punishing the small businesses.    We should have them popping up like daisies.

*The wealthy.  I never got a job or a loan from a poor person.  Those who have money give jobs, and if they are not Democrats, they even give to charities.  By and large, those who have money put it right back into our economy, unlike George Soros who pours all his money into destroying it.

*Term limits.   Members of the House and Senate and representatives should have another job after hitting the limits of their term.  Every one of those jobs were designed to have new blood in them after a period of time.  Instead, we have lifers in Congress who have forgotten they work for the people.  Again,  we the people have often forgotten who works for whom. 

*Energy.  Drill here, drill now.  We need to used gas, wind, electric and nuclear power, now.  All technologies should be used and leave the earth alone.  Quit trying to finagle a fix for something that doesn’t exist.  All this global warming crap has long since been proven wrong and the American public should not be hogtied by those who seek only to perpetuate their own wealth from bogus, manipulated data tied to business killing legislation.

*Investigate ACORN and defund them now.  In fact, defund every federally subsidized program that is not directly tied to our military or infrastructure.  If the states want to, let them find a way to subsidize them.  The federal government should be reduced to it’s original, constitutional role.

In fact, we also need to scrap the Dept of Education, that entity that has done such a cracker jack job with our public schools that one would be hard pressed to find any President, Congressman or Congress woman whose child attends since Amy Carter.  The federal government has no business running schools, much like they have no business running banks or the auto industry.  The power should be given back to the states.  Let them take care of the education of their own.

*Health care.  Privatize it.  Let the people buy their own insurance so it is not tied to their employment.  Let them buy it across state lines and make competition drive the price down.  ONLY the president should have his health care taken care of, and only while in office.  Congressional members should have to forage for their own, same as you and me. Ex-presidents, once private citizens, should have to get their own, just like Joe the plumber.

*Foreign policy.  Strength through superior fire power.  Be civil to everyone, but have a plan to take care of them, just in case.  No apology tours for being the best place on earth to live and being the last best hope for every third world hellhole that wants to eradicate us.  No apologies for the being the country that always pulls France’s worthless buns out of the fire and comes to the rescue of other allies.  The best don’t dispute it.  Our allies WILL be given back their missile defense shields and Putin can stuff it right in that smirk.

My personal pet peeve, but we’ll toss it out here for consideration:

 *Reparations.  Time to suck it up.  We have given all the apologies we are going to give.  Time to be accountable for yourselves now.  Grow up and quit blaming your problems on “the man.”  Since 2009 you have been “the man” and you are still griping.  There will be no reparations.   If affirmative action hasn’t helped along with a plethora of 3 letter acronymic groups that aim solely to the black community, nothing else  will.