Gordon Brown: The Sky is Falling

Gordon Brown is still drinking the Algorecal flavored Kool Aid.  Brown told the Major Economies Forum in London that they only had 50 days to save the world or face catastrophe” of floods, droughts and killer heatwaves.”  Wow!!!  If world leaders do not come together and soak the people globally for a non-existant threat, the sky will fall around Christmas?  Incredible!!   While cities in the US are seeing record snowfalls for this time of year, record early first freezes and snow activity, Brown is still claiming we are all going to sizzle like bacon.  Hasn’t Brown done enough to kill the economy in the UK?

The only nails not in the coffin are this ludicrous cap and trade baloney and giving in to Muslim immigrants; wait, make that only one.


According to Brown “The costs of failing to tackle the issue would be greater than the impact of both world wars and the Great Depression combined.”  I think Brown needs to check into rehab stat…only narcotics could make him say such a provable, laughably incorrect statement.  Let the debunking continue:  here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, plus from another diary entry, these. 


Here, in the US, Obama is just chomping at the bit to get the cap and trade into law.  His predecessor didn’t believe the US could benefit, but would be harmed by the Kyoto protocols that are set to expire in 2012.  Bush would not accept the undue hardship Kyoto would present to US businesses, but Obama not only accepts it, he wants to to help enact a global hamstringing of the economy so that not only will the US business and economy suffer, but the global business and economy will likewise be hammered.  Beware of the December conference in Copehagen.   Let us hope that trip, like the last, is a dismal failure.