Update on Rifqa Bary

When I am right, I am right.   Total vindication on the last 2 entries.  Fact:  Rifqa Bary and her family entered the country illegally through Mexico and  Fact:  Father has threatened to kill her for leaving Islam.

Total credit to Pamela Gellar at Atlas Shrugs for the update and document drop:

Check out Mohamed Bary’s missing immigration documents. Mr. Bary lost his application for amnesty. He lost his appeal for reconsideration of the administrative law judge’s denial of that amnesty application, (or, application for change of status to temporary resident legal alien, to be more precise.)

He and his family are subject to immediate deportation and further exclusion. He claimed he came to America to tend to Rifqa’s eye, when in fact he came illegally through Mexico (according to the document) and the “doting” father never got Rifqa medical treatment.


For the several months the attorneys for Rifqa Bary’s parents have been promising to produce their immigration documents. And yet they still have failed to produce them. First, Craig McCarthy (since  discharged) and then the new, improved, CAIR-approved Shayan “Shaytan” Elahi repeatedly promised to produce them here and here and here and here. The Barys have ten days before they are in contempt of court. My money says they are going to say the documents are lost.

Perhaps the Barys have not provided the documents because they are here illegally, as these Department of Homeland Security documents show.

Let’s hope the parents are deported and the girl is given asylum.