Sharia? No Thank You.

Sharia law is not compatible with the rule of law practiced by Americans.   I am a firm believer that it should be outlawed in the US and anyone practicing Sharia law or Sharia finance should be deported, including those in the US government that allow it and train for it.


Sharia law is diametrically opposed to the rule of law and the US Constitution.  It determines law by interpretation of custom, culture and by the Koran, as opposed to the US system of laws dependent upon the Constitution.  Muslims who practice Sharia are not bound by OUR document, hence the practice of honor killings, maimings, beheadings, and abuse are sanctioned under Sharia law.  Just ask Rifqa Bary.  I am sure she would prefer the rule of law versus the law her Sri Lankan parents practiced and have threatened to enforce.  Her crime?  Leaving Islam.  Converting to Christianity.  Today, in fact, she is to be returned to Ohio, surely signing her death warrant.  To that notion, indeed her father has stated to Rifqa “’If you have this Jesus in your heart, you are dead to me!  You are no longer my daughter…I will kill you!'”  Sound reasonable to you?


Examples of Sharia murders, not honor killings, but out and out murder:

Here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here for starters.


In recent diaries I have listed reasons why the Obama Czars must go, but some of his advisors must be relieved of their influence as well.  His adviser on Muslim affairs, Dalia Mogahed, appeared on British television last week, where she said: “Sharia is not well understood and Islam as a faith is not well understood.” How have we misunderstood Islamic law? We have associated it with “maximum criminal punishments” and “laws that… to many people seem unequal to women.” The Western view of Sharia was “oversimplified,” said Barack Obama’s adviser on Muslim affairs; most Muslim women worldwide, she said, associate it with “gender justice.”    I have a news flash for Dalia….we have a real good bead on Islam and Sharia.  Religious sanctioned murder for whatever the male dominated society deems appropriate for women in Islam.  That wasn’t real hard, now, was it??  Mogahed is also a member of the President’s Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.  In a show hosted by a member of Hizb-ut-Tahrir, an organization openly dedicated to the worldwide imposition of Sharia and the destruction of all governments that are constituted according to any other political philosophy — including Constitutional republics that do not establish a state religion, Mogahed  repeatedly attacked “man-made law” and the “lethal cocktail of liberty and capitalism” one encounters in Western societies. They said Sharia should be “the source of legislation.” Not “a” source. “The” source.   You think someone like this should have the ear of the president?

Obama himself has some explaining to do on his ties to Sunrise Equities, (2008) a Sharia finance  institution that went belly up taking with it $80 million in investments.  The managers, gone….but problematic links have been found, as if his adviser was not enough.

Do you want to see this on your street corner?      Confirmation from WND.