The Other Stealth Jihad


Maybe I just have a sadistic streak but I tend to see conspiracies and hidden ties where some may not be so obvious.   Case in point, Muslim recruits of Latinos.  Now, to me, one of the most dangerous things for this nation, and certainly for states that border Mexico and are geographically close to Central America, is having a threat double down on them.  That should give a sense of urgency to our state and federal leaders to close our borders and put an end to the asinine notion of amnesty.

Articles like this should give American citizens pause.  Andrew Greeley, the well-known Catholic sociologist and author, estimatest that between 60,000 to 100,000 Hispanics in the US leave the Catholic church annually.  Those that leave are just ripe for the picking.

Numbers like that should concern every American.  Keep in mind that 1 in 4 people are Muslim, worldwide, with an aggregated total of around 1.5 Billion Muslims worldwide, roughly ½ the number of Christians worldwide.  Couple that with these figures46.9 million Hispanics reside in the US.  1 out of every two people you meet are Hispanic and are 15% of the US population.  Makes sense to hijack that number and use it as a vehicle for a duplicitous reason.  Does anyone remember the name Jose Padilla? 

Now, after doing the research for one of my last diaries tying the finances and socialistic end game of George Soros to the current administration, and further into things we have seen happen in our society such as massive illegal immigration, I have to wonder out loud if this was a desired goal, or just happenstance?  It is very hard to think otherwise when one sees the trends from 1997 to 2009.  A comprehensive map can be found at the Pew forum.  The full report can be found here

In Texas, there is a concerted effort to put an end, for now, to the Trans Texas Corridor.  The TTC is a costly attempt by Governor Rick Perry, Transportation Commissioner Ted Houghton, and TXDot,   The Tx. Dept. of Transportation, to route a superhighway from Canada to Mexico.   It was, and still could be bad for Texas, bad for the entire nation because 1.  the revenue would not be collected by Texas 2.  The cartage would not be checked from border to border and 3.  the cartage would not be checked from port to port.  In fact, access points may be 10 miles or further apart the entire length of the corridor.  Rail components of the corridor will make at-grade crossings impossible from at least one side.  Should an national disaster occur, it will be next to impossible to get to and from a site like that. That could be an attractive lure for terrorists.

Now what if you had human cargo being smuggled in from Mexico, Latin America, Central America – Latin Muslims who happen to want to participate in jihad?  What about some that may want to smuggle weapons into the US?  Even without the TTC, when immigration classifies those they DO see coming across footbridges in Progresso as either Mexican or OTM, other than Mexican, there should be some real concern, and I’m just not seeing any.  Politicians are so busy trying to convince us that there is no terrorist threat anymore and pandering for the votes of the illegals in this country, that there is NO alarm about the other stealth jihad being waged in this country.

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