Musings on Health Care

Does anyone else see something wrong with this?


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid secured a deal tthat would give Nevada full, 100 percent funding in the Senate health care bill for an initial expansion of Medicaid.  The deal would give Nevada full funding for the first five years of the program — an effort to ease concerns that Nevada would be unable to afford the federally mandated expansion of care for the poor.

While other states are wondering just what their responsibility will be and how much skin they will have to put into the game, I wonder if the government mandated programs violate the Equal Protection clause of the Constitution?   Won’t the increase in cost be passed off to the states?  So many states are already in dire straits, this will surely bankrupt them, but not if you live in Nevada apparently. 


And another thing, I thought this scam was supposed to not add ONE DIME to the deficit, but here we have the ugliest gator in the swamp hawking a VAT, value added tax, like Europe.  Not only does she and the president lie about how it will be paid for, but ultimately, WHO will be carrying the brunt of the cost, and what the true cost will be.


Democrats are always harping about how the Republicans don’t have a health plan.  That is patently false.  Indeed there are plans floating about, for example, here, here or here.  A plan, or plans are out there, what is missing is the attention span of Democrats and their willingness to do something other than bankrupting a nation or pandering for votes, as Reid has shown as his sole interest, or skin in the game.