Quid Pro Quo

I hate to even put it to words, but I predict that Obama will sell out the US again and throw our military under the bus by giving up in Afghanistan.  He will make our military leave in shame and embolden our enemies.  Why?   I do believe he will trade it for a quid-pro-quo  to the far left of the Democratic party to make up for not having a government option in the health legislation health care bill. 


Mark my words, he will do it, and it will be worse for the US then any time prior to October 2009.  It will be worse than the CARTER years, if that is even possible.  He will have destroyed the morale of 50% of the citizens and 100% of the military.  He will have made us ALL targets for Islamofacists and we will never be safe again.  Other countries will know they cannot count on us and many Afghani’s will be slaughtered for their support of the US; a repeat performance after our military was pulled out of  Iraq after the first Gulf War when the Shiites and Kurds were murdered for daring to get out from under the oppressive thumb of their government.


I hope I am wrong, but it appears that the Obama administration that talked to haughtily of taking care of business in Afghanistan has not the stomach, the will, nor the spine to do what must be done.  Obama has been dragging his feet on making a decision for 5 weeks now.  5 WEEKS!  Now, you and I are not stupid, we know that no decision is a decision.  It is a premeditated decision to do nothing and not tell anyone.  I think that is classic passive/aggressive behavior; but in my book it is both reprehensible and unforgivable.  While the “commander-in-chief” has not made a decision, 43 soldiers have paid the ultimate price.   Obama has the time to fly to Copenhagen, but doesn’t have the time to speak to his military leaders on the ground?  A 66 page assessment that clearly shows the outcome to be utter failure without more boots on the ground and Obama has to think about it?!!!  Can there be any doubt that his problem is not with what to do, but how to tell the American people what a puss he is and how he has painted us all with a great big bulls eye?