Arne Duncan, Indoctrination Czar

Arne Duncan, current United States Secretary of Education, wants your children.

He wants the education system to be the center of activity and life for children, from Pre-K up.  He has the street creds to do it, or so he thinks.  I don’t know that he thinks you and I are too stupid or too busy to raise our own children, but he certainly thinks the dysfunctional US Ed system can do a better job. ( Like this ??)


Conservative parents were right to raise a stink over Obama in the classroom.  All parents who complained about the Greenpeace video shown in the classroom were right to be alarmed.  Again, parents were right to scream “indoctrination” about the Obama jingles taught in the classroom.  Instead of what you heard in NJ, we will be singing our own little ditty if Duncan gets his way:


MMM  mmm mmm

Liberals want your spawn

MMM mmm mmm

You’re to dumb to raise your own

MMM mmm  mmm

Longer days in the room

MMM mmm mmm

Cause you’ll l be working 3 jobs, not 2

MMM mmm mmm

To pay for illegal’s health

MMM  mmm mmm

And giving up your wealth.


Couple this with the war on home school and voucher programs or charter programs.  Liberals in DC seem to be against any winning strategy and all for imposing indoctrination over education, or failure over success.  Seems to be a theme from the top down.