A Look Back at the Week

Sheesh!  I am out sick for a week and the world seems to go into a Hell in a handbag.

We have Quaddafi co-opting the UN meetings to disparage the hosts and the entire West, while Iran’s leader, Ahmadinejad threatens to wipe Israel off the face of the earth with Netanyahu present!  Sadly, the ineffectual body that is the UN has to be taken to task by Netanyahu and has to present proof that Iran is delusional in denying the holocaust and hell bent on reliving it.  The job of the UN was to protect those who are smaller (read ISRAEL) from the likes of bloodthirsty despots (read IRAN) and preventing wholesale genocide in our lifetime.   Obama himself threw Israel under the bus in calling for no new settlements in land that belongs to Israel.  Oy vey!  And then there is the second site of the nuclear ambitions in Iran revealed.  Obama already knew about it at the time of the UN dog and pony show…when was he going to let the rest of us know?  More importantly, whose side is he going to be on when Israel exercises their God-given right to exist, even among barbarians?


As if this isn’t bad enough, Russia is covering for Iran and making available missile defense….and our fearless leader just tossed our allies aside without so much as a whimper?  Was this his bargaining chip with Russia to get them to lean on Iran?  Someone needs to tell dear leader appeasement and taking a dive are not winning strategies.  Isn’t there someone in the White House with an iota of sense?    Speaking of that subject, where in God’s name is our Secretary of State?  Paging HILLARY, baby this is your 3 a.m. call.  Time to scoop the deuce or get off the pot.  Obama’s paper from 2002 is wearing very thin and this is the moment you have been waiting for.  I, for one, am watching with rapt attention to see if you are going to jump ship because you don’t want to be stained with the failure of the Obama administration.  This was your campaign strategy.  Now let’s see what you are made of. Try as I might, I can’t sleep at night knowing Neville Chamberlain and Bob Yuker are at the helm while Mati Hari is wagging her finger at a nuclear Iran.  God help us all if she is asked a question about her husband’s thoughts on Iran.


In the background we have the ACORN scandal still unfolding and calls for the SEIU to be investigated as well.   {Here, and here}  Israel is launching long range missile capable of hitting Europe or Israel…giving the west the proverbial finger.   Obama is still undecided on Afghanistan.  Look man, it isn’t brain surgery, either you send in troops and we will make some headway in the region, or we don’t and you send our military home in shame and take up reading the Koran as you will have become the poster boy for successful jihad in the West.  What is so hard to figure out?  It all can be laid at the ineffectual feet of the present administration and (though I like the guy) the failure of the Bush administration to treat it as equal with Iraq.  You can keep blaming the previous administration, which makes you look like an idiot, or you can take the reigns squarely in hand and make something of the mess.


Simmering there is also the NYT hall monitor assignment, the Olympic bid for corrupt Chicago, the hanging of a census worker (which you and I assuredly will be blamed for), the stealing of our kids summer by a dysfunctional education system and creation of curriculum by the same.  Rapping indoctrination, the NEA scandal….my head will explode from all the corruption attached to this administration and yet, those of us who point it out are still racists, according to Cosby, Carter, and Mondale.



Stange times indeed.